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  • Creating, maintaining and growing a healthy climate for business success depends on both workforce development – creating a skilled workforce within the population and providing continuing educational opportunities for existing businesses and workers – as well as recruiting talented individuals to grow the workforce from outside. The Chamber offers a number of programs in cooperation with educational institutions at all levels, as well as local, state and national agencies that provide job training and enrichment opportunities. A critical component of this process is emerging technology, providing technical workforce training and boosting the information technology workforce pipeline.

    Some of the programs aimed at workforce development include:

  • Montgomery Preparatory Academy for Career and Technologies Montgomery Preparatory Academy for Career and Technologies

    Serves students in grades 10-12 where Career Tech instruction in nine majors are offered: Advertising Design, Building Science and Construction, Electrical Technology, Fire Science and Public Safety, HVAC/Mechanical Systems, Health Science, Industrial Systems, Information Technology, Welding and Math. Students attend a morning or afternoon session at MPACT and receive their core courses at their home school. Transportation between MPACT and the students’ home school is provided.

    Automotive Partnership Automotive Partnership

    The Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce recognizes the need to develop a well-trained workforce to meet the current and future needs of business. An automotive technician training curriculum is a current focus of those offered by local educational entities. This program will identify and meet immediate and future needs of the automotive service industry by creating a skilled and trained workforce to address the current pipeline shortage. The goal is to enhance every educational and career perspective for long-term sustainability through a public-private apprentice partnership.

    Small Business/Universities & Colleges Initiative Small Business/Universities & Colleges Initiative

    Small businesses are the heartbeat of our local economy. Talent retention is crucial for its future growth and development. The Montgomery Chamber has partnered with our local university Colleges of Business to develop an experiential learning program that meets the needs of both our small business community and local university students. This collaboration includes marketing plans, feasibility studies, “matchmaker” events, intern job listing database, mentoring programs, annual business projects and sharing specialties and collaborative classes.

    Central AlabamaWorks! Central AlabamaWorks!

    Ensures business, industry, educational institutions and the citizens in Central Alabama are provided with the tools, resources and support needed to ensure a bright prosperous future in Alabama’s workforce. We facilitate creating sustained partnerships with industry, job seekers, students, and service providers together to find solutions for workforce needs. The vision of Central AlabamaWorks! is to supply business and industry with a high quality, qualified workforce. The mission of Central AlabamaWorks! is to facilitate a system that provides business and industry with job seekers and students who have received the education and training that aligns with their needs throughout the region.

    TechMGM TechMGM

    An ongoing initiative to develop technology in the River Region, TechMGM is a partnership between the Chamber, the Alabama Community College System (ACCS) and local IT industry community to find ways to provide opportunities for IT professionals to further develop their skills and qualifications in order to allow local contractors to source their talent locally. The program is intended to help boost the IT workforce pipeline in Montgomery, where numerous Department of Defense (DOD) contractors provide highly technical services to Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base’s defense programs.

    Cyber Innovation Academy Cyber Innovation Academy

    While connecting existing tech resources and creating the system needed to support their growth and expansion is important, as these efforts create an economic catalyst and new job opportunities follow, we’ll need more and more people to fill them. Building a qualified tech workforce is a primary focus of the plan put into action by the city, county, the Chamber and their partners. The program works to complement our education system by offering additional certification courses and also offering continuing education within our universities as well as with alternative methods. The Academy helps area companies get their employees up to speed on IT, which is continually changing. It helps companies fill their IT needs, but also helps workers advance in their careers, and helps its students who are currently looking for a job gain the skills and certifications they need to compete.

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