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  • As you know, the Montgomery Chamber focuses on a bold agenda every day to Drive Economic Growth to Build a Better Montgomery for ALL, but the HOW is the most important. We unite the city, the county, business leaders, community stakeholders, and elected officials around shared economic development priorities that fuel economic growth for the region. 

    Once again, the Chamber has leveraged and aligned its unique resources to embark on a new journey – a new strategic, visionary plan for OUR downtown. This new block-by-block action plan will catalyze economic growth not only for downtown and our community, but for the region.

    In August of 2021, work began on a new vision and action plan for downtown Montgomery. One of the most critical calls to action, resulting from the comprehensive 2040 Plan, was to develop a block-by-block strategy that will catalyze growth and progress for the entire city and region. The International Firm, Interface Studio, was selected and accepted the challenge of less visioning, and more action to get downtown moving. Now armed with data and focused on action, we will embark on the next stage of the process – to launch a draft of the plan for community feedback, comments and by in.

    The Downtown Plan Draft is available online - envisionmontgomery2040.org/downtown.

    The Montgomery Chamber encourages the community-at-large to review the plan through October 31 and make comments directly on the envision website. As the plan is finalized, the Chamber will be announcing next steps.



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