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  • The Mission of AIDT is to provide quality workforce development for Alabama’s new and expanding businesses, and to expand the opportunities of its citizens through the jobs these businesses create.

    AIDT, an independent agency under the supervision and oversight of the Secretary of Commerce, encourages economic development through job-specific training. Training services are offered in many areas, at no cost, to new and expanding businesses throughout the State.

    AIDT’s Total Workforce Delivery System has provided thousands of skilled, motivated employees to Alabama industries since 1971. A quality workforce for Alabama industries requires a quick and complete response. AIDT provides on-the-spot training even before you have a place to provide on-the-job training, comprehensive pre-employment selection and training, leadership development, on-the job training, continuous/process improvement assessments, maintenance assessments, and industrial safety assessments and training – all specific to a company’s needs.

    Services offered at no cost to the company include:

    • Pre-employment selection and training
    • Leadership development
    • Industrial safety assessment
    • Industrial maintenance technician assessment program
    • Process improvement assessment
    • AIDT EX+RA


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