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  • Mission, Initiatives and Priorities

  • Mission

    The Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce catalyzes business and community leadership to improve the economic prosperity & quality of place of Montgomery and the river region.

  • Initiatives

    The Chamber is a fully-integrated economic development organization, dedicated to both job creation and job preservation. As a member-based business organization, we work hard to grow markets for our members, grow the River Region’s economy, and increase the quality of life for all.

    Our major initiatives and areas of focus include:

    • ‚ÄčRecruiting Major Industries
    • Working together to grow the River Region's Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
    • Protecting and Growing Maxwell/Gunter AFB
    • Building a Strong Workforce
    • Fueling Small and Minority Business Growth
    • Advocating for Issues and Infrastructure
    • Partnering with New Leadership to Transform Education
    • Selling Montgomery as a Destination
    • Connecting, innovating and empowering through the Work Together Business Studio & Co-Space

  • High Impact Priorities


    • Work closely with new leadership of the Montgomery County Board of Education to transform Montgomery Public Schools; advocate at the State level for resources and leadership of the Montgomery system.
    • Refocus efforts to improve the Workforce Delivery Pipeline for the region, strengthen partnerships and align curriculum among providers, engage business and industry, and forge a more closely linked relationship with the Region 5 Workforce Development Council.
      • Incorporate Regional Workforce outreach and formal presence in the Chamber facility.
    • Increase community awareness and involvement that results in positive implementation of Conversion Charter Schools for fall 2019.
    • Integrate the TechMGM STEM focus and cyber innovation academy training with workforce strategies.
    • Leverage Air University talent and national outreach to strengthen Montgomery County School System through direct involvement and potential seminars with National experts to look at other systems best practices.
    • Develop programs for growing, training, and certifying local Technology talent.


    • Increase job creation through recruitment and expansion of targeted business and industry including the continued development of new product; better communication with multipliers, prospects and media; our activity and success measured by aggressive monthly goals, with strong interaction with stakeholders.   
    • Leverage the MGMix and the unique assets of Maxwell, Gunter, Government and Universities to build a new industry vertical around tech and Smart City Strategies.
    • Leverage and grow an Innovation Center/Public-Private think-tank in partnership with the US Air Force.
    • Build out an Innovation District Downtown and Smart City Living Lab in partnership with the public and private sectors, area universities, and military and department of defense sectors.
    • Build out the downtown public WiFi and related infrastructure in partnership with the City and County and private sector partners; identify strategies for monetization and sustainability.
    • Secure funding and support for a Cross Wind Runway at MGM Regional Airport.
    • In partnership with the Montgomery Airport Authority, ensure the selection of an executive director who can establish MGM’s competitive performance through: increased air service and passenger enplanements and working with our team on targeted aerospace projects.
    • Reactivate the Chamber’s Military Support Council; increase leadership engagement in military affairs; and reboot the Wright Flier program.
    • Continue the F35 bed down at the 187 Fighter Wing and facilitate the final approval process and fulfilment of infrastructure and partnership commitments.
    • Revitalize the Chamber’s small/minority business program; incorporate the innovation district strategy and TechMGM focus; bring resource partners and providers together through a new Business Studio approach for training and mentorship.
    • Explore a business ombudsman to ease business start-up access to city /county services and permitting.

    Transform Montgomery’s Image and Quality of Place

    • Complete the design, engineering and resource partners for the catalyst quality of place project; obtain final approvals; announce the project.
    • Build onto the success of the earned media initiative, positioning Montgomery not only as a tourism destination, but as a smart city and thriving location for talent, families, business and entrepreneurs.
    • Work closely with hotels to maintain lodgings and occupancy levels in spite of major properties undergoing capital renovations during 2019.
    • Develop and launch a new brand identity that communicates the Chamber’s fully integrated approach to economic development and positions Montgomery as a competitive destination for tourism, talent and business.
    • Develop a strategy for future Visitor Center operations.
    • Identify mini inter-city visit sites for small staff/leadership groups; confirm an Inter-City Leadership Trip in conjunction with plans for the next economic development strategy.

    Embrace Diversity and Enhance Leadership Capacity

    • Launch a Diversity Dialogue / TedX type-series to extend the reach and impact of the Chamber’s Diversity & Inclusion program.
    • Establish a Minority Business Council to reenergize the Chamber’s focus on Minority Business; conduct community outreach to understand the needs of the African American entrepreneur.
    • Focus increased efforts on building trust and open communication among Montgomery’s elected officials.
    • Given the mayoral leadership transition and many new elected officials at all levels, build strong relationships and be proactive in keeping all elected officials informed about the Chamber’s mission and value.
    • Develop a proactive state and federal affairs consensus agenda that addresses key infrastructure and economic development opportunities for Montgomery and the region.
    • Reactivate the River Region Council initiative, building better communication and working partnerships.

    Strengthen the Chamber

    • Finalize the Chamber’s facilities plan with a location decision, budget and engaged leadership; be transitioned to new facility/consolidated location by end of year.
      • Transition 41 Commerce to an innovation center, locating innovation groups from Gunter’s PEO/BES on the second floor.
      • Develop a messaging and communication timeline related to Chamber’s facilities and mission changes.
    • Launch an updated brand and messaging for the Chamber, in concert with changes in facilities and new directions for the organization.
    • Revise the member recruitment and retention plan to expand the Chamber’s reach and engagement within the business community while improving financial resources.
    • Develop new investors in the Imagine a Greater Montgomery economic growth strategy. Make a decision on timing for the development of a new strategy; identify process.
    • Identify additional sources of revenue that will enable the Chamber to further its mission.
    • Be proactive in building support among public sector
    • Support the growth of mission and funding for the Chamber’s Foundation to support the vital community betterment projects of the Imagine a Greater Montgomery strategy.