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  • 2022 State Legislative Priorities & Successes

  • The Chamber’s efforts in the State House continue to reap a wide range of benefits for Montgomery’s business community and capital city residents.

  • Military Stabilization Initiatives that: 

    • Include the establishment of a Space National Guard within the Alabama National Guard.
    • Enhance Military Spouse Licensure Portability that streamlines state licensing processes for relocating military spouses by providing them with a license within 30 days.
    • Waive proof of residency requirements until the student arrives in Alabama on military transfer orders.
    • Provide military families with increased flexibility through access to district open enrollment policies.
    • Require local jurisdictions to identify military families and develop reporting and sharing procedures between civilian child protective services and military child advocacy.
    • Require state agency referral services to ask if individuals or family members ever served in the military on all intake forms.

    Education/Workforce Development Initiatives that:

    • Expand the role of Alabama’s two-year and four-year universities/institutions in developing/training a workforce through innovation, critical research, and leadership development.
    • Support efforts to recruit and maintain high-quality teachers.
    • Ensures that student education and job training programs culminate in national, industry-recognized credentials specifically relevant to current skilled gaps and or targeted future jobs.
    • Expand access to early childhood education, literacy, and computer science training.​

    Entrepreneurship and Innovation Initiative that include:

    • Policies that allow for growth of innovative and technology-based business initiatives.
    • Efforts to provide increased opportunities for access to capital and incentives for startups and innovation driven companies.
    • Efforts to enhance Alabama’s reputation as a state where companies can develop new innovative products and ventures.
    • Efforts to encourage investment in early state, innovative, wealth- and job-creating businesses that will remain headquartered, along with most of their workforce in our community or Alabama.
    • Effective implementation and utilization of Opportunity Zones and similar economic development programs.
    • Efforts to recruit and retain college graduates from Alabama’s postsecondary and four-year institutions as an imperative investment in human capital and the workforce of the future.
    • Policies and programs that focus on the goal of adding 500,000 new high-skilled employees to the workforce by 2025, identified as critical to Alabama’s economic development and recruitment efforts.
    • Worker training initiatives that assist businesses in the recruitment of, the enhancement of current trained workforce and re-skilling a workforce for re-entry.

    Business/Industry Initiatives that include:

    • Reauthorization/extension of the Alabama Job’s Act that rewards the creation of jobs, investment of capital and encourages Alabama-based companies to refurbish and upgrade existing operations.
    • Reauthorization/extension of the Grow Alabama Credit that assists with the development of local building sites to attract business and industry.
    • Continued and/or enhanced liability protection for Alabama businesses and nonprofits from all COVID implications, including vaccination status.
    • Increased awareness of and focus on resolving the challenges that threaten the economic viability of small and minority business, to include the process of applying for and receiving a business license.
    • Opportunities to facilitate growth of inland ports, transfer facilities and coordination of a transportation system for inland waterways.
    • Funding to enhance Montgomery’s tourism industry and historical significance.
    • Funding for infrastructure.

  • Who You Know

    Laws and regulations affect your business, so you should make it your business to know who represents you in the Alabama Legislature and in Congress. Meet Montgomery’s delegation.


  • Senator
    Katie Britt (R)

  • Senator
    Tommy Tuberville (R)

  • Congressman
    Barry Moore (R)
    District 2

  • Congressman
    Mike Rogers (R)
    District 3

  • Congresswoman
    Terri Sewell (D)
    District 7

  • Alabama Legislature

  • Will Barfoot (R)
    Senator, District 25

  • Tashina Morris (D)
    Representative, District 77

  • Patrice McClammy (D)
    Representative, District 76

  • Kirk Hatcher (D)
    Senator, District 26

  • Phillip Ensler (D)
    Representative, District 74

  • Kenyatte Hassell (D)
    Representative, District 78

  • Kelvin Lawrence (D)
    Representative, District 69

  • Reed Ingram (R)
    Representative, District 75

  • Chris Sells (R)
    Representative, District 90