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    Company Employees Product
    Fras-le North America 96 Disc Brakes


    Company Employees Product
    Mountain Top USA Inc. 24 Automobile Accessories


    Company Employees Product
    Faurecia 4 Exhaust Systems


    Company Employees Product
    Gerhardi 80 Automotive Injection Molding and Electroplating


    Company Employees Product
    Kasai North America, Inc. 59 Plastic Injection Molding
    Kowa Pharmaceuticals America, Inc. 50 Branded Pharamaceuticals
    NIFCO 25 Automobile Interior Parts Distribution
    Rheem Water Heaters 920 Water Heaters
    Rheem Water Heaters HQ 140 Headquarter Operations
    Thermalex, Inc. 117 Aluminum Extrusion/Heat Exchange


    Company Employees Product
    VT Miltope 78 Disks and Memory Systems, Ruggedized Computer Systems


    Company Employees Product
    A-Hiteco 116 Manufacturing Engine Parts
    CS Eng 43 Steel Fabrication, Pallets and Containers
    Daehan Solutions Co. LLC 250 Automotive Sound Insulation Components
    DAS North America, Inc. 495 Automotive Seat Components
    Dong Yang Pistons 3 Pistons
    Dyvis, Inc. 1 Recycling
    E & I, Inc. 22 Sealants and Undercoatings for Automotive Industry
    ECOPLASTIC Automotive America Corp. 10 Bumper and Cockpit Assembly
    Glovia - Total Safety Corp.  8 Safety Gloves
    Glovis Alabama, LLC 832 Warehousing and Logistics
    Glovis America 545 Logistics
    Guyoungtech USA, Inc. 130 Guyoungtech USA, Inc.
    Hanil USA 330 Plastic and Steel Tube Components used in Fuel System Assemblies
    Hinge Tech USA 10 Conveyor Parts
    HSS, LLC 25 Logistics
    Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama, LLC 3,530 Automobiles
    Ju-Young Manufacturing America, Inc. 30 Seat Harness and Levers
    KJ USA 7 Warehouse/Distribution of Seat Warmers
    KOAM Maintenance LLC 28 Forklift Maintenance/Repair
    KOP 20 Logistics
    Kukdong USA, Inc. 5 Brake Fluid, Washer Fluid and Antifreeze for Automobiles
    KyungshinLear, LLC 96 Wiring Harnesses
    LogisALL 7 Pallets/Logistics
    MOBIS Alabama, LLC 1,400 Cockpit & Chassis Modules, Bumper Assembly & Service Parts
    PHA Body Systems 131 Automobile Door Modules
    Seco Komos 25 Steering Wheel Accessories
    Sejong Alabama, LLC 140 Automotive Mufflers and Exhaust Systems
    Seoyon E Hwa 300 Door Trim Parts
    Sewon 3 Automobile Manuals
    Shinsung NVH 8 Automotive Padding
    Shinsung Petrochemical 20 Sealants
    SSA Packaging 50 Warehousing and Logistics
    Sungwon Alabama Corp. 20 Speciality Wiring for Process Control Equipment
    Sungwoo USA Corporation 8 Import, Warehouse, Charge and Transport Batteries for Automotive Industry
    YESAC, Alabama Corporation 80 Automation Machinery, Pallets and Racks for Automotive Industry
    YESOL Corporation 25 Logistics


    Company Employees Product
    GKN Aerospace 690 Aircraft Parts
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