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  • Since 1918, when Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base was formed in the capital city at the very same spot that witnessed the state’s first flight, a link was forged between Montgomery and the military institution. For more than a century, a mutually beneficial relationship has grown and strengthened. The base contributes much to Montgomery, and the city welcomes members of the military and their families here, helping them become embedded in our community. 

  • In every job, every sector and every role they occupy, women shape our community and make multiple positive impacts. They also support and uplift each other. When they share their successes, their challenges and their personal paths forward, empowered females empower other females. Read on to glean some wisdom, inspiration and insight from a handful of the Chamber’s female Ambassadors, definitely some of our area’s leading ladies. 

  • Success in business is often measured through operational excellence—selling more, increasing production, improving scores or recruiting more volunteers. On the surface, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and operational excellence might not seem related, but recent research shows businesses committed to inclusive excellence are experiencing results, including increased revenue and improved morale. 

  • The Department of the Air Force Information Technology and Cyberpower Conference (DAFITC) draws the best and brightest IT minds to Montgomery. They find a warm welcome and discover that the River Region has a deep well of its own tech talent. 

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