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    Hackers are constantly looking for ways to scam businesses for monetary gain. One of the primary ways they accomplish this is by focusing on a business’s accounting department. There are things that your business can do right now to prepare for and reduce the chances of being hacked.
    What you don’t know can hurt you in the cyberthreat arena. We, as humans, are the No. 1 cause of a cyberattack being successful. None of us wants to be the weakest link, and the only way to help is through cybereducation, or more importantly, practicing what you learned.
    Technology solutions can help all of us by reducing the number of “bad” things trying to attack the primary system within our company. Endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions are like an anti-virus on steroids and a must for companies these days. Adding a great next-generation anti-phishing solution with a strong EDR also reduces the chances of things even making it to us, thus greatly reducing the chance of us making a mistake. It’s always best to let a great automated technology solution be your first line of defense.
    Phishing, spear phishing or spoofing are not the only types of cyberattacks. Ransomware is just as concerning and can be much more damaging to a company’s technical infrastructure by shutting down the entire business. Paying a ransom to get your systems up and going should not be your first or only option. Be prepared; having a great backup and recovery solution in place (that is tested periodically) can greatly reduce the chances of paying a ransom.

    Regardless of whether you have a cyber-liability policy, crime policy and/or an Errors & Omissions (E&O) policy, most insurance providers will have stipulations in their policy that the business owner must follow. Many times, these are overlooked by the business owner and when disaster strikes, they find out too late that, because the proper due diligence was not in place, the claim will not be covered. While is it recommended to have a cyber-insurance policy, your company still has the responsibility of hardening your technical environment to reduce the chances of a cyberattack so that the insurance carrier can assist you in covering damages. The best plan is to have a great cyber plan.
    It’s important to have an experienced IT partner to help protect your business.
    Emily Jones, PMP, CABM, MCITP serves as the Practice Leader and Director of Operations for Warren Averett Technology Group. She has decades of experience in assisting companies with their IT needs.
    You can reach her at 334-260-2238 or emily.jones@warrenaverett.com.
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