• STAR Watch Program

  • The Montgomery Police Department has launched a new police-community technology initiative that is built around a real-time crime center. The River Region Strategic Technology and Resource Center (STAR) is a state-of-the-art MPD facility that uses video camera feeds from throughout the city to work smarter and more efficiently, and to increase safety.

    STAR Watch is a voluntary program that allows businesses, residents, schools, neighborhoods and others to share their cameras with the STAR Center.


    There is NO cost to join if you already have an online camera security system. Download the STAR Watch registration form and email it to the STAR Center or call MPD's Star Center - 334-625-2334 for more information.


    • Eagle Eye
    • Nest
    • Ring
    • Tru-Vision
    • Honeywell
    • Arlo
    • Zmodo
    • Annke
    • Plus Many More

  • STAR Watch FAQ

    Q. How do I share my camera with the STAR Watch program?
    A. Verify that your camera system is online and can be viewed via the internet and complete the STAR Watch registration form. Then provide the STAR Watch program with login information and set up viewing rights for the program.

    Q. How can I get my cameras online?
    A. Check with your camera and internet providers to ensure that your cameras can be linked to your existing internet connection.

    Q. Do I need to buy a new camera system?
    A. Not necessarily. If you already have a system, a representative from the MPD can meet and discuss potential solutions.

    Q. Do I have to give MPD access to my interior cameras?
    A. No. We encourage you to work with your camera provider to isolate the cameras you want to share.

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