• River Region STAR Watch Program

  • The Montgomery Police Department has launched a new police-community technology initiative that is built around a real-time crime center. The River Region Strategic Technology and Resource Center (STAR) is a state-of-the-art MPD facility that uses video camera feeds from throughout the city to work smarter and more efficiently, and to increase safety.

    STAR Watch is a voluntary program that allows businesses, residents, schools, neighborhoods and others to share their cameras with the STAR Center.

    • Full Star Watch Integration where MPD has access to your live video footage and storage - fee applies
    • Free Registration for MPD to request video footage from you
    • Your cameras will be registered and video will be requested after a critical incident

  • STAR Watch FAQ

    Q. How does the camera registry work?
    A. The Montgomery Police Department camera registry is a way to easily locate the nearest cameras in a designated area during the course of an investigation, emergency event, or emergency response. In the past, detectives had to rely on eyewitnesses and piece together pertinent information over days and sometimes months. The camera registry gives private residents and business owners the ability to register their cameras to an online portal, only accessible through permission, for law enforcement to quickly and easily use cameras to create a map of relevant cameras that could obtain actionable evidence for crimes and life-saving data.

    Q. How much does it cost to register my cameras?
    A. Registering a camera does not require any cost or additional hardware. Montgomery PD officers will simply obtain a map of the cameras and will not have access to any live streaming capabilities. The registry makes it easier for detectives to contact camera owners for a digital footage request that the owner can fulfill that doesn’t require a police visit.

    Q. Can the Montgomery Police Department remotely access my cameras at any time?
    A. No. Registering cameras means the police department will know where your cameras are located in case in the event of a crime or a critical incident. There is no direct access to any privately-owned cameras and the registry is only used to request footage if an incident were to occur in their vicinity.

    Q. Who has access to the camera map?
    A Only authorized Montgomery Police Department users have access to the entire camera registry map in their jurisdiction.

    Q. Can I unsubscribe from the camera registry, and change or delete my information?
    A. Yes. When registering cameras, a password protected profile for the owner will be set up. When logged in, editing or deleting information is available at any time.

    Q. Is my camera information subject to a disclosure in a public data request?
    A. No. Your camera registry data is classified as protected non-public data, and is only accessible by authorized users of our system.

    Q. Can my cameras be accessed without my knowledge?
    A. No. Both the Montgomery Police Department and Fūsus policies require the camera owner to give explicit written permission to access cameras for any reason. Camera access and settings are also entirely controlled by the camera owner.

    Q. Can the police department override my access settings to remotely access my cameras at any time?
    A. Fūsus policy-based conditional access is a strictly one-way system, which means that the owner's policy settings cannot be overridden remotely by Montgomery PD officers or Fūsus.

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