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  • Small Business Development

  • Small businesses fuel the Montgomery economy. Did you know that 95 percent of our Chamber member businesses have 100 employees or less? Our mission is to ensure that our small business community is equipped with the tools for continuous learning, connection to resources, and an environment to enable job growth and creation. 

    The Chamber's Business Resource Center offers valuable services to prospective and new business owners, including mentoring in important areas such as financial planning, marketing, and future growth strategies. Workshops, seminars and classes on all aspects of successful business development are also offered, and the Center provides guidance from experienced sources in developing business contacts, pursuing government contracts and opportunities, and gaining recognition for your business through competitions and media resources.

  • Access to Capital Access to Capital

    Entrepreneurs looking for funding to turn their brilliant ideas into reality can turn to the Business Resource Center for guidance. The experts at The Center can help educate new business owners navigating the various funding sources that are available. They can also help individuals evaluate their business structure to determine what kind of capital is needed and the best ways to pursue it. Advice on applying for loans, as well as guidance on pursuing state and federal government contracts and opportunities are also available.

    Affordable Space Affordable Space

    The Montgomery Chamber Business Resource Center offers an incubation program and facilities for businesses. Through this program, resident businesses can take advantage of low overhead and shared resources such as administrative support, fax and postal services, audiovisual equipment, copying equipment, meeting rooms and low-cost telephone and internet services. This allows fledgling businesses to concentrate their resources on more important growth areas during their critical early years.

    Counseling Counseling

    Business owners who utilize the Montgomery Chamber Business Resource Center get access to vital counseling and advice from prominent business leaders. Entrepreneurs can tap into the wealth of knowledge and experience possessed by Chamber members to help them at every stage of their growth, from conception onward. Individuals are referred to mentors based on their specific needs, whether it be financing, developing business plans or adopting long-term strategies for growth. The Center also advises owners on key items such as bookkeeping and human resources materials they need to get started.

    Education Education

    The Business Resource Center offers a multitude of classes, workshops and seminars to aid business owners at every stage of development. The Center’s Entrepreneurial University is a key program for members, covering a variety of topics such as marketing, business planning, web site creation, and hiring and management techniques. These programs help owners set a strong foundation that fosters future growth and success.

    Marketing Marketing

    Running a successful business takes more than a great idea and a solid business plan – it requires marketing strategies that will get your name out in front of the public. Joining the Montgomery Chamber is key to any marketing strategy. It offers a variety of showcase opportunities such as Business Expos, 60-Minute Coffees, Business After Hours and other activities to help you publicize your business.

    Minority Support Minority Support

    It’s true that minority and women business owners face some unique challenges in getting their businesses up and running. The Montgomery Chamber and the Chamber Business Resource Center offer mentoring and networking opportunities for minority business owners. The Center provides numerous programs such as the Diversity Summit, Women in Business Forum, focus groups, and Procurement Match-Maker. We also offer community revitalization programs along with workshops and seminars geared toward helping minority-owned businesses achieve success.

    Recognition Recognition

    The Montgomery Chamber Business Resource Center can help business owners find avenues to compete for annual awards at the local, state and national levels, and earn recognition for excellence. By directing business owners to various organizations, associations and publications, the Center provides opportunities to gain visibility and generate positive promotion and media attention.