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  • Montgomery’s multiple nonprofits continue to do good in our community, so we wanted to spotlight their leaders in a place that’s also adding some goodness to the city: Ravello. This new restaurant downtown, with chef Eric Rivera at the helm, is dishing up authentic coastal Italian cuisine that’s pleasing palates, as proven by its always-packed dining spaces. It’s serving more than good food though. 

  • The Chamber’s External Affairs department oversees education and workforce development initiatives; military affairs; and governmental relations at all levels. Sheron Rose leads these efforts, and she shared the need-to-know info on what she and her team bring to the table and why its impact is important. 

  • Small businesses in the United States are responsible for two thirds of the new jobs available annually; they deliver 43.5 percent of the country’s gross domestic product. And without the products and services they make and provide, daily life would grind to a halt. We asked local experts, including some who work for or own small businesses themselves, to share their insight and advice on common and current small business trends, issues and topics. 

  • Supporting and strengthening female entrepreneurs in the capital city is a core element of The Lab on Dexter’s mission. And having a co-working space is just one of the offerings available to women-owned businesses at The Lab. Meet the ladies currently making use of its multiple resources and learn more about what they do. 

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