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  • Montgomery and the River Region provides first-class medical care for the very youngest to the oldest among our population. Physician offices, walk-in urgent care facilites, specialists and hospitals treat everything from the sniffles to serious injuries and illness, provide specialized treatment like open-heart surgery and cancer care, as well as a host of services including vision and dental care and physical and rehabilitative therapy. It's likely that if you have a medical need, we can meet it.

    But beyond available services, Montgomery is uniquely positioned to anticipate the future needs of a growing population and, in particular, an aging population. Baby Boomers are aging out of the workforce and at the same time requiring more health care. Hospitals and other health care providers anticipate a need for trained doctors and nurses.

    The UAB School of Medicine Montgomery Regional Medical Campus (MRMC) opened to UAB medical students in May 2014. The mission of the Montgomery campus is to increase the number of primary care physicians in Alabama, and decrease the shortage of much-needed physicians in rural areas. The MRMC has over 130 community based preceptors, and is home to both the Montgomery Internal Medicine Residency Program and the Selma Family Medicine Residency Program.

    Additionally, both Troy University and Auburn University Montgomery have outstanding nursing schools, and there are a number of technical school and colleges training physician assistants and other medical professionals.

    Montgomery also is a leader in technology, making it an optimal place for developing medical technology like telemedicine, which connects patients and physicians virtually, allowing people in rural areas or those who are not able to easily travel to consult with a specialist or even obtain primary care.