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  • History & Impact of Maxwell-Gunter AFB

  • Maxwell has a rich history as the center of Airpower thought, and Air University commands the highest regard of our senior leaders and allies as a leader in military strategy, concepts and education.

    Our state has been a major player in the aviation and aerospace accomplishments of the last century, and it began in Montgomery. On March 26, 1910, when the Wright brothers — the famous “fathers of flight” — established a civilian flying school in the capital city on land that is now part of Maxwell, the first powered flight in Alabama took place. The Chamber played a role in the brothers locating here. Chamber officials made them feel welcome, helped them find the land they needed and strike the right deal. Though the Wright’s school lasted only a short time, its presence set the stage for things to come, including the decision to locate Maxwell in Montgomery.

    Our state has since become a hub of aviation and aerospace technology advancements and manufacturing as well as military aviation. In Montgomery, the military presence contributes an estimated $2.6 billion to the local economy annually. It also adds 38,395 engaged citizens to our community.