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  • Montgomery’s past is packed with world-changing events, and now, the city is making history again, this time in an unexpected way: Montgomery is quickly making a name for itself as one of the Southeast’s most vibrant and most strategic “cyber cities.”

    By leveraging its large collection of resources and pooling talent, Montgomery is growing into a tech hub that will foster innovation and create jobs. We have very unique assets here in the River Region. There is no other place in the country that has all of the Department of Defense (DoD) assets we have and that makes us the perfect location to become a cyber leader for the Air Force and to create a common DoD/commercial infrastructure that becomes a virtual sandbox for cyber Innovation.

    Montgomery aligned its resources of defense, public and private partners to create Alabama’s first Internet ExchangeMGMix - one of only four in the Southeast. Through a unique partnership of the City of Montgomery, Montgomery County, the State of Alabama, Maxwell-Gunter AFB, Air University and the Cyber College of the Air Force, regional and statewide universities, and the RSA Data Center, Montgomery is the only non-Tier-One city with an Internet Exchange, partnered with industry-leading content delivery giant Akamai. MGMix is critical infrastructure that will foster economic development, research and innovation.