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  • The Chamber has produced the Montgomery Business Journal for 15 years now — the last seven years of which have been through a great partnership with Pam Mashburn and exploreMedia. We have now embarked on a new journey to increase the frequency, reach and timeliness of Chamber communications, while catalyzing a new platform by exploreMedia - CentrAL INC!

    Who is CentrAL INC!?

    CentrAL INC! is Central Alabama's business journal that lives at the intersection of commerce and community. It reflects modern business news that covers the topics, trends, issues and events that impact businesses in our region, and we are proud to be a part of it! And while it's built on a business-minded foundation, it knows that our work lives and home lives are intertwined, so it will look at the content through a lifestyle lens too. This blended approach will be an integral fiber running through all the features and conversations CentrAL INC! will bring to you six times a year - January, March, May, July, September & November.

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