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  • 908th establishes newest Grey Wolf den in Alabama’s River Region as wing prepares extended habitat for training new pups

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    MAXWELL AIR FORCE BASE, Ala. --  The 908th Airlift Wing has assigned aircraft for the first time in more than 23 months, or 726 days to be exact, as the first of the wing’s MH-139A Grey Wolf helicopters arrived at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, April 3, 2024.

    “I’m really excited!” exclaimed 908th Airlift Wing Commander, Col. Christopher Lacouture. “This day marks the start of something new and great for the 908th.”

    The wing’s last aircraft, a C-130 Hercules, departed Maxwell April 8, 2022, when the 908th had finished divesting itself from the tactical airlift mission in order to prepare for its new mission as the U.S. Air Force’s formal training unit for Grey Wolf aircrew, the only such training school in all of the Department of Defense.

    “I’m excited to finally have one on the ramp,” said 908th Operations Group Commander, Col. Shane Devlin. “It’s nice to have our crew members start flying again, getting valuable training and gaining proficiency in the aircraft to become the newest formal training unit in the U.S. Air Force.”

    The MH-139A is the military variant of the AW-139 helicopter and is a direct replacement to the Air Force’s aging fleet of UH-1N Huey helicopters. It provides the ability to cruise 5o percent faster and farther than the Huey, while also having a 30 percent larger cabin and capability to lift 5,000 pounds more.

    “This aircraft brings the technology and capabilities from the 20th century to the 21st century to the U.S. Air Force,” explained Lacouture. “I can’t wait to start flying in it.”

    Lacouture thanked the local community for playing a big part in the wing’s transition over the past few years and wants people to know that hasn’t gone unnoticed.

    “The 908th appreciates all of the support form the community, Montgomery, the River Region, and the state of Alabama, this is a big deal for all of us.”

    For additional images: https://www.dvidshub.net/news/467712/908th-establishes-newest-grey-wolf-den-alabamas-river-region-wing-prepares-extended-habitat-training-new-pup
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