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  • Small Business Briefcase: Social Media Apps

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    AHH-Mazing Social Media Apps
    The best (and easiest!) apps to use to successfully streamline your social media marketing tasks.
    In the beginnings of social media, you could just post whatever you wanted and everyone would see it. There was no algorithm dictating who saw what. Fast forward to 2019. Everything is methodical; everything is done with purpose. That’s why creating a social media strategy is crucial to your business. While your specific strategy will be unique to you and your business, there are some universal first steps.
    INSHOT: This app lets you upload photos and video; cut and splice; and add text or music. The best part is you’re able to save the canvas (screen size) for multiple outlets: IGTV, YouTube, Facebook, Instastory, Instagram Square, etc. without having to start over and create a new video.
    CUTSTORY: This great app makes it simple to take a full video and break it into 15-second Instagram videos ready to post.
    SNAPSEED: This is my go-to photo-editing app. I find it quicker and easier to use than some of the Adobe editing apps on my phone, especially when I am in a hurry or have multiple photos to edit. In addition to editing the colors light and exposure, you can erase the background, dodge and smudge photos to change lighting and remove shadows, and even save editing history to use for the future. This comes in handy when one of your accounts has a particular color scheme, or you’re photographing in the same dark space.
    GOOGLE PHOTOS: When you run multiple social media accounts and take hundreds of each week on your smartphone, it’s great to have a backup. Google Photos automatically uploads any photo from your smartphone to an online cloud. You can search by people in the photos, locations, dates and more. It’s hands-down the best tool for any social media marketer.
    I love to use this photo-editing app when taking outdoor photos. It completely transforms a photo that is taken with too many shadows or too-bright lights.
    CANVA: This is my No. 1, most-used app for quick design purposes, and I use it on my smart phone and my computer. For a beginner designer or social media user, it provides easy templates for Instagram and Facebook that require little effort. 
    My advice: Try to get creative using your own logos, fonts and branding for your business, and steer away from using the obvious pre-designed templates.

    LIFE HACK: Unsure how to use  an app? Search it on YouTube to find video tutorials that will probably answer any questions you have.
    PRO TIP: Skip the Instagram filters! They’re generic and typically ruin your photos’ quality.
    Suzanna Wasserman is the Director of Marketing for The Shoppes at EastChase and Crawford Square Real Estate Advisors. She is responsible for the marketing, events, communication and business development efforts of the shopping center, as well as the corporate office. She has more than 10 years of experience in marketing and public relations.
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