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  • MPS Update: Power to the People

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    Learn more about the recent progress made in Montgomery Public Schools.
    Last year, Chamber leadership took a strong stand on Montgomery’s public education, spearheading efforts to encourage residents to run for the open seats on the Montgomery County Board of Education,
    to get out an informed vote in the primary and July run-off general elections and to spread the message that quality education is a key ingredient in a robust local economy.
    Joining the Chamber in the calls to action were a large group of the city’s young professionals, leaders in the community, in business and the military, and various other stakeholders who’d all decided that now was the time for positive change in our public education. The business community invested financially in campaign efforts. Other stakeholders facilitated school board candidate forums throughout the city.
    The community agreed that every student in Montgomery should be able to attend a school within the MPS system that would adequately prepare them for continuing education in post- secondary institutions, moving directly into the workforce or military upon graduation from high school.
    Education impacts every facet of our community: economic development (ability to recruit/retain industry), military stability, quality of life, health, crime and population growth, including the ability to attract capable, competent and prepared educational staff.
    Education is foundational to the fabric of any community.
    Before the old school board’s term was done, it passed a resolution asking the Montgomery County Commission to increase the property mileage by 6 from the current minimum of 10 to equal 16. The proposed vote will occur in summer of 2019 unless upcoming discussion within the new board changes the proposed increase.
    A diverse group of Montgomery’s young professionals and millennials played a major role in the recent election, engaging in the process with their talents, time, dollars and sweat equity. The group also sought campaign contributions to support, organized advertising, proactive mail pieces, targeted
    district neighborhood canvassing and other various activities that highlighted the urgency of for voting for new leadership on the MCBE.
    Thanks to the recent election, the Montgomery County Board of Education has some new faces
    bringing new ideas and fresh perspectives to the challenges the Montgomery Public School System must overcome.
    Five seats were open for election, and a total of 23 candidates qualified to run for the open seats. This primary election cycle saw the largest voter participation in the school board race in a long time. And after the general election in November, when all the votes were counted, there were four new school board members.
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