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  • Member Profile - Brandon Driscoll

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    Inspirien Chief Business Officer Brandon Driscoll and his family have enjoyed a warm welcome since moving here in October 2017. It’s a welcome that’s also evident at his company; Inspirien is a Fortune-rated “Great Place to Work” in the small-to-medium-size category and has recently expanded into five other states. 

    What are Inspirien’s primary services? 

    Inspirien offers insurance and risk management solutions to the healthcare community here in Alabama. 

    Who are Inspirien’s primary clients?  

    We work with hospitals, physicians and other healthcare- related professionals, providing workers’ compensation and malpractice insurance.

    What sets Inspirien apart?  

    There really aren’t other companies like Inspirien. You have traditional insurance companies, who offer policies to healthcare entities in exchange for premiums, and if there’s a claim, the insurance company pays it. Inspirien works with its customers to uncover the root causes of potential claims. We also offer our customers solutions to help them keep their claims low and, in turn, reduce the amount they have to spend on their insurance.

    What does your role at Inspirien entail?  

    My role as Chief Business Officer is to help our leadership team come up with new business opportunities and help bring these new opportunities to life. Our team has done a great job laying out our short-term and long-term strategy, and I really enjoy being part of the challenge of making things work. My job is to make sure the “business economics” of our strategy line up with our corporate goals.

    What’s your favorite part of your job?  

    Hands down, the people. Every day is a new challenge and a new adventure. And having those around me energizes me and the rest of the team to keep things moving forward and to progress as fast as we do.

    What are your interests outside of work?  

    I enjoy spending time with my family, staying active, working on my old Mustang, and I pretend to like to golf.

    Happy to be here:

    “My wife and kids got involved in the community so quickly after our move, from church to school and jobs, which made it that much easier to get settled here in Montgomery. This is a special town with tremendous growth and opportunity, and we really love being here.”


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