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    Amy Anderson started Reclamation Center of Alabama to help people win the fight against addiction. She knows her efforts are making great strides but also knows there’s still work to do.
    When and why did you start Reclamation Center of Alabama? It started in 2015 to help remove barriers to treatment like transportation, childcare and advocacy for individuals in rural areas who were seeking treatment for substance issues. My father suffered from addiction for many years, and I worked with him through his addiction and beyond. He has stumbled along the way, but he has maintained sobriety and prolonged his life as a result. It was really rewarding to see.
    What are the Center’s mission and primary services? Our mission is “Teaching individuals to reclaim the lives they once had through strength and recovery.” Our services include assessments/therapy (individual, group and family); skill building; mental health coordination/case management; crisis, jail and hospital assessments. We make referrals for the following services with community partners: detox services and higher levels of care; MAT referrals; and medical, dental and hospital referrals. We have recently started concierge services that are paid out of pocket for individuals in prominent professional positions who would like for their treatment to remain confidential.
    What’s the most rewarding aspect of your work? Seeing the happiness on someone’s face when they are given grace and understanding instead of judgement for their mistakes.
    What would you like to see happen here in substance abuse and mental health care? Since 2018, I have inquired about telehealth services for individuals in Alabama to reach more and teach more people how to recover from addiction concerns. I would like to see more out-of-the-box thinking on how providers operate with technology to reach more people consistently.
    What are your interests outside of work? I enjoy spending time with my husband. It means a lot because we are both business owners and entrepreneurs, so spending time together is always milestone.
    Doing More Good
    In April 2002, RCA incorporated a nonprofit called RCA Foundation to help battle the rise of substance use. Certified with the Alabama Department of Mental Health, the Foundation is capable of serving Medicaid and indigent individuals suffering from addiction issues and concerns. Reclamation Center of Alabama is also starting a holistic program to strengthen its clients’ minds, bodies and spirits on their road to recovery.
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