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    When was your company founded? Aware Innovations was founded in 2016 as a commercial division of Evanhoe & Associates, Inc., an established IT solutions company serving the U.S. government for over 20 years.

    How many employees do you have? We have four employees in the River Region and 46 more across the U.S.

    What are your primary products and services? Aware Innovations provides technology solutions for tracking items and managing inventory, allowing users to make intelligent decisions based on their data. We consult with you to assess your processes, perform market research of various technologies and recommend appropriate technologies. Once accepted, we design, install, deploy and support the total solution.

    ItemAware, our custom-built software, provides asset tracking, work-in-process tracking, returnable asset tracking, inventory management and tool tracking. Dashboards, alerts and reporting give quick access to important information, and the software is scalable no matter the size of your business.

    What sets your company apart? Aware Innovations’ offering is customizable to fit user needs, with an experienced team that assesses your business situation and creates a solution that supports your business case. ItemAware is a custom-built software platform that works with existing and emerging technologies and is easily applied to unique situations. Aware Innovations is led by industry leaders who have international recognition and we are backed by the full IT offering of our parent company, Evanhoe & Associates. 
    Milestones/Awards: We have saved government offices more than $1 million annually in inventory costs and cut labor costs by 77 percent using ItemAware.
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