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    Learn more about how Montgomery’s Rowdy Burton is inspiring others with his courage and tenacity. Due to sacral agenesis, Montgomery native Rowdy Burton lost both his legs at age three. But he’s never let that stop him from pursuing his dreams. Here, he shares his story of meeting the Serquest team and becoming a digital content creator.

    Tell us about meeting the Serquest team. They came to my house one day to talk to me about Dream Court. While we were talking, they noticed I had some skateboards, and they started telling me about the Onewheel, an electric self-balancing recreational personal transporter, sometimes described as a one-wheeled electric skateboard. I’d never heard of one before then.

    What happened the next time you were with them? I met the guys out at Blount Cultural Park where they showed me some Onewheels in action, and it was pretty impressive. I tried one out, and I could do it, even though it required a lot of strength and balance. That first time, I was only on it for a moment, and then I crashed, but I got better at it. The guys at Serquest shot a video of me on the Onewheel and posted it on their Facebook page, and it was really well received.

    After it was clear the video was so popular, what was next? Serquest started a fundraiser to get me my own Onewheel. Then, Future Motion, the company that makes Onewheels, shared Serquest’s fundraiser on all of its social media platforms. People ended up donating from all over the world to get me a Onewheel.

    What is your relationship with Serquest now? I want to have my own YouTube Channel and tell my story. The Serquest team has brought me on to learn the needed filming and editing skills to make that a reality. Serquest helps a lot of people. They’re involved in so many projects, working with different people and organizations to tell their stories through video, so I’m learning more than I even thought I would.

    What’s next for you and your Onewheel? I’m having a lot of fun riding it! In August, I got to fly out to Santa Cruz, California, to meet the team at Future Motion and that was awesome. And I’m loving learning about video production too. I have more insight and appreciation for what it takes to make it happen.
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