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    Valiant Cross Academy is building a supportive community for young men, one student at a time.
    Founded in 2015 with the motto, “Rise above,” Valiant Cross Academy is an all-male, Christian-based school focused on increasing the literacy, attendance and graduation rates of each student. Though it currently serves only sixth through ninth graders, there are plans to add a grade level each year through 2021.
    One of the largest overall missions of the school administration and faculty is cultivating an atmosphere of community. Savion German, eighth grade student and football team captain, shared his thoughts on the brotherhood and culture found at Valiant Cross.
    What’s the best thing about attending Valiant Cross?
    Valiant Cross has taught me how to be a leader and how to have respect for my teachers and coaches. I think my education here will help me become an engineer and leader in my community and the world. This school helps build my confidence and makes me think about which college I want to attend and what career I want to have as an adult. My favorite thing about Valiant Cross Academy is going to the altar to pray every day. I can focus on the day ahead and leave everything else behind.
    What’s your favorite part of being on, and leading, the football team?
    My favorite part of being on the team is being part of a brotherhood. A lot of us started here together at Valiant Cross, and this is the first year we have had a football program. To me, being a team captain means that you are a good team player, and someone who the rest of the team can look up to. I like to approach every game with a positive attitude. In sports, you never know if you will win or lose, but it really comes down to how you approach and play the game. If we stay positive, we have a much better chance of staying focused.
    We are all brothers, and we have a lot in common with each other. We tell each other every day that we have each other’s backs— that applies on and off the football field. Our coaches want us to be supportive of each other. They tell us we can accomplish so much more if we work together as a team rather than try to be superstars.
    How can you take what you’re learning at Valiant Cross and apply it outside of class to make our community a better place?
    Whether we are out on the football field or out on a field trip, we are representing our school, and we need to represent it well. We learn about leadership and community through our five core values: honor, discipline, integrity, excellence and love. We are taught to use those core values in the classroom and on the field, but more importantly in our daily lives.
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