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    Communicating as a Leader
    Outstanding communication is a fundamental requirement for a leader’s positive influence.
    As leaders, we must demonstrate resilience, empathy, transparency and digital fluency to ensure everyone has a voice in creating the future of work. But communication is also a necessary skill all leaders need. Need proof? Studies show that 75 percent of workers who voluntarily left their jobs did so because of their bosses and not the position itself. Studies also reveal that these employees leave bad bosses and bad managers almost always due to their poor communication skills.

    One key to fixing the issue is understanding the vast diversity in communication styles. It’s essential that leaders invest the required time to identify key characteristics in others. Building understanding and acceptance of communication preferences that are different from our own is the path to communicating with, and ultimately, leading our team, more effectively.

    Start by asking a few basic questions:
    • Are your team members analytical, practical, rational or experimental in their communication style?
    • Do they focus on purpose, possibilities, process or people?

    Armed with the answers, try these simple steps to improving your communication skills:
    • Be present. Remove distractions (phones and other devices).
    • Know and focus on your audience.
    • Hold some basic communications training for your team, including communication style assessments.
    • Listen more than you speak. Use body language and non-verbals to show you understand.
    • Always keep learning. Effective leaders embrace lifelong learning and self-improvement.

    Professional development in crucial areas like effective communication will give you and your team the competitive edge you need to succeed. TROY Continuing Education and Outreach offers assessments that will help your team with self-awareness, and training programs that will help you thrive.

    Laura Chambliss
    Outreach Director, Continuing Education and Outreach, Troy University
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