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    For more than 18 months, it seems everything has been different. How we gather with friends and family. How we go shopping. How we send our children to school. Even how we manage our money. Social distancing led to adaptation. And while challenges from the pandemic remain, lasting changes have been created. One of those changes is that consumers, more than ever before, have greater options to connect with companies that provide the goods and services they need.

    For years, people have turned to Regions Bank’s online and mobile banking options to stay connected to their accounts. That’s even more true today.

    In the months before the pandemic, Regions was already reimagining its mobile banking app to add greater convenience and a more seamless customer experience. Regions.com was consistently being enhanced as people increasingly turn to digital options to not only check balances but also access funds, pay bills, make transfers, open additional accounts and more.

    The response to our digital investments was immediate. Shortly after Regions launched its overhauled mobile app, the app earned a nearly five-star rating in the app store. If you visit Regions.com today, you’ll see the appearance — and experience — have evolved to provide our greatest online interactions to date.

    While, yes, Regions was already investing more in the digital space before the pandemic started, the pandemic accelerated a movement in customer expectations toward making sure the services people receive in person are also available in the palm of their hand. The front door of the bank is still at your local branch. It’s also on your mobile device. Convenience is crucial, and we always seek to empower people to conduct their banking business when, where and how they want.

    To be sure, digital tools are not a replacement to personal service. They’re an addition to it. In our branches around Montgomery and beyond, our local banking teams are committed to not only helping with basic transactions. They are also there to take the time to listen — truly listen — to your financial goals. And then, they can help you develop a roadmap to reaching them.

    It’s that type of holistic service that is crucial to success: better digital services — and quality in-person services. Both available on the customer’s terms. The pandemic changed the customer experience. Our team at Regions is focused on continued investments that will serve customers well into the future.

    Edward Lubembe is a Consumer Banking Manager for Regions Bank. You can contact him at Edward.Lubembe@regions.com.
    *Regions Bank, member FDIC.
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