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    Land management firms have expertise in several types of property, and land managers leverage that experience to help families make decisions. Regions Bank manages 1,000,000 acres of timberland, 3,000,000 acres of minerals, 200,000 acres of farmland and more than 3,000 parcels of real estate. 
    • Recognize that you need professional advice. The opinions of friends and family are important, but when you are planning your family’s legacy, professional advice can limit the impact of emotions.
    • Research your options on land management firms in your area.
    • Develop objectives for the property before working with a land manager. You may also need estate planning assistance, tax advice or other forms of financial consultation.
    Many land management decisions are long-term in nature, often having an impact for generations to come. Finding an advisor who can help meet your immediate needs – with an eye toward the future as well – can help you protect, preserve and maintain this remarkable asset and this significant portion of your family’s legacy.
    Frank Walburn is Senior Vice President, Natural Resources and Real Estate at Regions Bank. Contact him at frank.walburn@regions.com.
    While the commentary accurately reflects the opinions of the author, it does not necessarily reflect those of Regions Bank. This presentation is solely for information and educational purposes and nothing contained in this presentation constitutes an offer or solicitation to purchase any security, the recommendation of any particular security or strategy or a complete analysis of any security, company or industry or constitutes tax, accounting or legal advice.  Commentary and opinions provided in this presentation reflect the judgment of the author as of the date of this presentation and are subject to change without notice.
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