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    Have You Ever Thought of Taking A Bucket List Trip With Your Banker? Your banker may not be the first person to pop into your mind when you think about travel, but at Valley Bank, we can help you take a memorable trip with no stress.

    This senior-focused program offers unique travel experiences with all-inclusive price tags and plenty of added bonuses. Since 1988, the program has taken travelers to places like Africa, the Amalfi Coast, the Greek Isles and the St. Lawrence Seaway in Canada.

    “On a Prestige trip, they thoughtfully consider and plan every detail, resulting in a first-class experience from the valet pickup all the way through the trip,” said Montgomery member Sue Raybon, who took a Prestige trip this fall to upper New York State and Long Island.

    “The level of personal touches and attention the team and travel guide provided made us feel special and safe,” Raybon said. “We had a memorable experience and made friends.”

    Being part of a small travel group run by professionals also means you can bypass lines and get access to opportunities the average traveler would not have the chance to enjoy.

    Major benefits related to traveling with Prestige:
    We understand how to travel in this challenging time.
    Travel has changed, and since the pandemic upended our world, planning can be overwhelming to tackle on your own. With the Prestige program, you can be confident that we’ll take care of every detail so that the trip is turnkey for you.

    You’ll make great connections.
    Being with other travelers with similar interests offers a great opportunity to make friends and to be with people you trust.

    The trip will help in building your banker relationship.
    A strong relationship with your banker provides insights for both you and your banker. By deepening your relationship with Valley Bank, we can better understand your needs and your goals.

    Your trip provider will be first class.
    Since Prestige partners with providers that focus on working with travel clubs, you can expect that the transportation, meals, accommodations and guides will be hand-picked and among the best in the industry.

    Whether you are returning to travel for the first time in years or are a seasoned expert, you can take advantage of all that Valley’s Prestige Program has to offer. Ask a Valley banker about the program or visit valley.com/Prestige for more information.

    Nannette Smith Sheaffer is the Prestige Manager and Marketing Specialist for Valley Bank, based out of Birmingham, and has accompanied Prestige customers around the world.

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