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    Your IT infrastructure is your organization’s base for successful operations and technology elements. Through outsourcing, many companies can stay more competitive, more secure and more efficient. By outsourcing your IT infrastructure, you, your employees and your IT team can shift focus to your core business, instead of worrying about or getting stalled by IT issues.

    For many organizations, managing your own IT infrastructure can be a challenge, due to a lack of time and resources. The challenges often come in the form of a slow and clunky network, a lack of network security and software or hardware issues that tamper with your team’s productivity, which ultimately impacts your profitability.

    What is IT Infrastructure Outsourcing?
    “IT infrastructure” is a broad term that operational technology setup, including phone systems, internet connectivity, internet circuits and much more. It also refers to the way that your IT system as a whole is designed and implemented, including how you host, protect and recover your organization’s data. IT infrastructure outsourcing is essentially delegating the responsibility of your setup and systems to an IT provider.
    • Benefits of Outsourcing IT infrastructure outsourcing offers significant advantages to organizations, such as:
      • Gaining access to IT experts without adding to your staff
      • Reducing costs
      • Saving time
      • Increasing efficiency and optimization
      • Providing the ability to scale as needed
      • Reducing risk

    Impact on Budget
    IT infrastructure outsourcing may actually save your company money in comparison to the costs of managing your systems on your own. Outsourcing your IT infrastructure tasks can save your business significantly on labor and payroll costs. You can scale your IT support during different or busier times of year or if your business growth takes off, as opposed to managing and recruiting for an ever-dynamic in-house IT team.

    The Bottom Line
    By shifting these responsibilities to an external team, your in-house IT team can focus on their core tasks, while your IT infrastructure support becomes scalable and your IT performance is boosted. Depending on what your service provider offers, IT infrastructure services can be customized to fit your organization’s needs. Among the many reasons to outsource your IT infrastructure, one of the most important is working with a team of experts that can guarantee quality service.

    Emily Jones, PMP, CABM, MCITP, serves as Practice Leader/Director of Operations for Warren Averett Technology Group. She has more than 30 years of experience and is responsible for evaluating and implementing efficient, effective and scalable processes that support customer satisfaction, company profitability and mitigate company risk. She can be reached at 334-260-2238 or emily.jones@warrenaverett.com.
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