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    The Chamber’s Total Resource Campaign (TRC) launched in 2006 and for 13 years, it’s delivered on its goals: to support the Chamber while also providing area businesses with unique and valuable marketing opportunities. We asked some of TRC’s “repeat customers” to share the benefits they’ve reaped that keep them coming back to TRC year after year.

    Q&A with TRC Repeat Customers

    GILBERT DARRINGTON, Health Services, Inc. CEO
    What products do you usually purchase and why? We normally sponsor the Diversity Summit, the Eggs & Issues events and the Chairman’s Circle. It is very important to our organization that we continue to be an active member of the Chamber to connect with our member organizations and be a better community partner. Participating in Chamber events also provides us with the opportunity to highlight the many healthcare services that we provide to those who may not know about us.
    What benefits and ROI do you see from these products? By increasing our attendance in Chamber events through TRC sponsorships, along with our Marketing Director being a Chamber Ambassador, we have seen an increase in patient visits and an increase in requests from other organizations to partner with them on health-related events.
    What is the No. 1 reason you are a TRC “repeat customer”? It lets us stay actively engaged in the Montgomery community. We view TRC as a way for us to be involved with other community leaders to make a difference in the River Region.
    Would you recommend that other businesses support the Chamber through TRC? I would certainly recommend that other businesses support the Chamber’s TRC program. This is a way to keep abreast of the community activities and a way to connect even more organizations together in an effort to better our River Region.
    ARLINDA K. KNIGHT, Trenholm State Director, Title III Programs, Marketing and Continuing Education
    What products do you usually purchase? Each year, Trenholm State purchases Eggs & Issues, River Region Economic Summit, State of the City and County, Alabama Update and the Annual Meeting. Other purchases may vary based on new products being offered.
    Trenholm State’s goal is to purchase products that will allow networking opportunities with the intent of increasing visibility, establishing relationships and building new partnerships. As an active participant in the various events, we are able to enhance our image and show the community that we are here to serve. Involvement in TRC also provides an opportunity for Trenholm State to open doors in areas that may not have existed without the involvement in these events.
    What benefits and ROI do you see from these products? Through the sponsorship purchases, we gain exposure for Trenholm State, and we are using this opportunity to align our marketing plan with sponsorship opportunities so that we may maximize our return on investment at a very reasonable cost. Marketing your business through the Chamber is a proven and cost-effective way to attract new customers.
    Would you recommend that other businesses support the Chamber through TRC? Yes. TRC is an excellent way to make great connections. For businesses seeking an opportunity to establish new relationships in the community, TRC is an excellent choice.
    TROY MAXWELL, Blue Cross Blue Shield District Manager
    How long has Blue Cross Blue Shield participated in TRC? At least since 2011
    What products do you usually purchase? Annual Meeting, State of the City and County, Economic/Diversity Summit and Chamber Open.
    Would you recommend that other businesses support the Chamber through TRC? Yes, I would recommend other businesses support the TRC because it’s a great investment in the community as well as their business.
    To continue to support the Chamber and economic growth for Montgomery and to meet and network with other businesses. - TROY MAXWELL
    The backbone of the TRC program has always been its volunteers. They’re the Chamber members who spread the TRC message and reach out to other businesses and offer them the chance to sponsor Chamber programs, events and communications. Using their time, talents and connections, they work hard each autumn to sell TRC’s diverse range of marketing products. The Chamber’s TRC team would like to offer new and longstanding volunteers a heartfelt “THANK YOU!”
    The marketing opportunities available to area businesses—many only available during TRC—have proven extremely effective thanks to their visibility, credibility and flexibility. Businesses can choose avenues that reach the entire Chamber membership, or they can hit a target audience. That’s why many businesses participate year after year. Here are a few NEW TRC sponsorship and marketing opportunities available this year.
    The Chamber Advertising Pack is a communication bundle that includes several digital options, including both Chamber enewsletters and an enhanced company listing on the Chamber’s online directory, while also offering brand identity on each MBJ issue webpage and on a brand-new portable charging station that the Chamber will use during events throughout the year.
    The Convention & Tourism Advertising Pack is a communication bundle that includes several digital options including the CVB’s “What’s Cool This Weekend” weekly email, quarterly industry partner meetings and communications and an enhanced company listing on the Chamber’s online directory, while also offering brand identity on the CVB convention bags and jump drives.
    This pack of sponsorships secures your company with a corporate table and makes it easy for you and your company to get noticed at several of the Chamber’s signature events: Eggs & Issues, State of the City & County, Alabama Update, Annual Meeting and the Diversity Summit. It also includes an enhanced company listing on montgomerychamber.com.
    This bundle is the best way to reach member businesses within the community and gain new customers. Essentials includes a sponsorship for each of the Chamber Orientations, along with logo placement on the New Member Bags.
    Hurry! These sponsorships sell fast and usually sell out.
    • Networking Events:
    • 60 Min Coffee & Business After Hours
    • Chairman’s Circle
    • State of the City & County
    • Alabama Update
    • Chamber Golf Classic
    • Diversity Dialogue
    For a complete list of TRC sponsorship opportunities, visit the TRC website
    http:ygmtrc.com/ montgomerychamber19/
    Over a few months each fall, the work done by TRC raises money to help fund a large majority of the programs, events and communications the Chamber hosts and organizes throughout the entire year. By investing in TRC, member businesses connect to the vital programs and resources they need to grow their business. Sponsorships not only impact the Chamber, they fuel economic growth for Montgomery and the River Region.
    Whether you’re interested in volunteering or exploring the many marketing opportunities available, learn more about TRC by emailing Lynn Norton, lnorton@montgomerychamber.com.
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