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  • What’s being done to stop organized retail theft in Montgomery?

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    Organized retail theft is a $100 billion problem nationwide.
    On September 14, retailers in Montgomery will meet to learn what help is available to combat this growing crime trend.
    • What: Stopping organized retail theft
    • When: Thursday, September 14, 2023. 3:30 p.m.
    • Where: The Montgomery Chamber, 600 S. Court Street, Montgomery, AL
    • Who: Montgomery County District Attorney Darryl Bailey; Honorable Johnny Hardwick, Circuit Court Presiding Judge; Barry Matson, Executive Director, Alabama District Attorney’s Association
    [Montgomery, AL] – How can prosecutors help Montgomery retailers to fight back against the growing trend of organized retail theft?

    That question will be addressed at an informational session for retailers on September 14th at Montgomery Chamber headquarters.

    Joining forces with the National District Attorneys Association (NDAA) and the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA), Montgomery legal leaders are engaging in a national effort to fight organized retail theft.

    Montgomery County District Attorney Daryl D. Bailey and Judge Johnny Hardwick will talk about the problem and what’s being done – including new laws – to fight it.

    During National Store Walk Month, retailers will be able to schedule walk-throughs by local DA staff who will listen to retailer concerns and point out areas in the store that could be vulnerable. 

    “We are seeing a lot of organized retail theft in the Montgomery area,” said Bailey. “They’re going in with two or more people and stealing a lot of property and reselling that property. This happens all across the Southeast and we believe it’s a $100 billion problem nationwide.”

    The Store Walk initiative intends to address the urgent issue of retail crime and habitual theft and its rippling effects on our communities, signifying a pioneering step in cooperation between local law enforcement and community retailers.

    On September 14, Bailey and Hardwick will be joined by Barry Matson, Executive Director, Alabama District Attorney’s Association, who will address preventing organized theft in retail spaces.

    According to NADA, retail theft collectively costs communities billions annually, undermining local economies and threatening the viability of storefronts in neighborhoods across the country. Equally concerning, in recent years organized and habitual theft has become more brazen and violent, raising safety concerns for employees and customers alike—disrupting lives, jeopardizing livelihoods, and undermining the vitality of communities and neighborhood shopping districts. National Store Walk Month aims to address these concerns, promoting safer, prosperous, and more vibrant communities.

    “Retailers can contact us any time,” said Bailey, “not just during September. Just call us up and we’ll get it scheduled.”
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