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  • Second Sundays are Fun Days in Downtown Montgomery

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    April 14, 2023
    (Montgomery, Alabama – April 14, 2023) On Sunday, April 2nd, hundreds of people were downtown having fun in Montgomery, Alabama. There was live music, makers, bakers, an art show, and a tour group exploring Montgomery. Multitudes headed downtown to support artists, small businesses, and junior entrepreneurs. The excitement of spring was in the air as families enjoyed downtown, residents and visitors heard live music, savored tasty treats, and supported local artists. Residents and visitors alike took advantage of the new scooters for rent for just $1.00 as they rode up and down the sidewalks and around the Court Square fountain in the beautiful spring weather. The rain had passed, and big, fluffy clouds hung in the sky with a light breeze blowing.

    These Second Sunday Events exist thanks to one lady who loves her community. Keiauna White, the owner of The BeYOUtiful Boutiques, created an event called Second Sundays as a way to give back to Montgomery. Every second Sunday of the month, the community will have a chance to support local makers and the art community. On Sunday, April 2nd, three 11-year-old junior entrepreneurs were learning the skills of a pop-up shop, how to display their craft, and put their skills to work for their business. Previous Second Sunday events and pop-ups have helped non-profit organizations like Valiant Cross Academy, an event that raised hundreds of dollars for the organization and allowed students to engage the community. Last month the Second Sunday Event hosted She Looks Like Me, a non-profit that brings awareness to STIs, aims to reduce HIV stigmas, and hosts HIV Testing Clinics. I am the most excited about helping junior entrepreneurs and creatives, said White. Hosting Second Sundays allows them to figure out what they have to offer the Montgomery community, help their community and help their parents by getting an early start to junior leadership. Secondly, I am excited about helping artists, creatives, and makers!

    On April 2nd, renowned Montgomery artists also held an art show on the second floor of the 1 Court Square building that many attended. Local Living Legends, an inspiring art exhibition debuted at 1 Court Square by Kevin King, a Wideman Davis Dance Fellow, founder and executive director of The King's Canvas Gallery & Studio. Local Living Legends honors authors, activists, and humanitarians. Milton Madison, a Fellow of the Wideman Davis Dance Studio, also debuted DSCNDNTS, an art exhibition focused on legacy, lineage, and ancestry. Artist Lauren Leaux Marcelle also held an evening of poetry with Mr. Ron McCall, creator of a mini-documentary on Montgomery. This fellowship of artists was made possible by Wideman Davis, owner of Wideman Davis Dance and The Mellon Foundation. Montgomery creatives of all disciplines having the opportunity to showcase their art is transformational for our souls but also for the development of the community at large, said King. These art displays allowed the artists to describe the importance of their work and the passion behind the art.

    Second Sundays occur on the second Sunday of every month from 2:00-4:00 pm unless it falls on a holiday. Then it is on the first Sunday. Held at 1 Court Square in front of The BeYOUtiful Boutiques, a limited number of spaces are available for vendors on a first-come basis. All the event dates are on the Facebook page for BeYOUtiful Boutiques. Residents and visitors are encouraged to bring a lawn chair, explore downtown each month, and support Montgomery artists and makers. Non-profit Organizations are encouraged to partner with the event for awareness to better our community. A focus for non-profits is women and girls. The three junior entrepreneurs at the pop-up on April 2nd were:
    Railyn Holt, young business owner of A Rai of Sunshine (https://www.facebook.com/people/A-Rai-of-Sunshine/100083932723932/),
    Anerria Thomas, young business owner of Gloss Boss, https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100081356268301), and
    Caelynn Roberson, young business owner of Caelynn’s Closet (https://www.caelynnsclosetshop.com/).

    Second Sunday Details
    What: A community event in downtown Montgomery to support local artists and makers
    When: Every Second Sunday or the first Sunday if the second is a holiday from 2:00-4:00 pm.
    Where: 1 Court Square, Suite 102, Montgomery, AL
    How: Bring a chair & support or be a vendor; Find the events on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/beyoutifulonwheels)

    For questions about Second Sunday, contact Laura Hicks at Laura@datalyticsmarketing.com or 334-546-0808.

    For questions about The BeYOUtiful Boutiques, contact Keiauna White at hello@beyoutifulonwheels.com or 334-398-7775.
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