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  • Local Elected Officials

  • Montgomery City Council

  • The City of Montgomery consists of a Mayor-Council system of government. Both the Mayor and Council are elected by the people to a four year term. The current term is from 2019-2023. 

    City of Montgomery
    Montgomery City Council
    104 N. Perry Street
    Montgomery, AL 36104

  • Mayor
    Steven L. Reed

  • President
    District 9

    Charles W. Jinright

  • District 2
    Brantley W. Lyons

  • District 6
    Oronde K. Mitchell

  • Vice President District 5
    Cornelius "CC" Calhoun

  • District 3
    Marche Johnson

  • District 7
    Clay A. McInnis

  • District 1
    Ed Grimes

  • District 4
    Audrey Graham

  • District 8
    Glenn O. Pruitt, Jr.

  • Montgomery County Commission

  • The governing body of Montgomery County is the Montgomery County Commission, consisting of five members who are elected by districts. Each Commissioner is elected to a four-year term and represents approximately 45,000 constituents. The Chairperson and Vice Chair are selected by a majority vote of the Commission.

    Montgomery County
    Montgomery County Commission
    101 S. Lawrence Street
    Montgomery, AL 36104

  • Commissioner
    District 2

    Elton N. Dean, Sr.

  • District 1
    Daniel Harris, Jr.

  • District 3
    Ronda M. Walker

  • District 4
    Isaiah Sankey

  • District 5
    Doug Singleton