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  • Keep track of the legislative issues and priorities that impact the Montgomery Area Business community on a week by week basis during the Alabama State Legislative Session.

  • 2021 State Legislative Priorities

  • Each year, the Chamber compiles a legislative agenda listing specific issues that can affect our area’s business community. While the Alabama Legislature is in session this year, the Chamber will closely monitor bills and proposed regulations related to these issues and work to ensure business interests are considered and concerns are heard by elected officials.

  • Business & Economic Development

    • Support Statewide Infrastructure Investments to sustain and promote growth
    • Technology/Innovation/Smart City initiatives that will assist with developing incentive-based programs for high-growth startups that will promote and assist new business recruitment, cyber, technology and innovation growth.
    • Continuation and Enhancement of the Alabama Jobs Act put in place to reward the creation of jobs and investment of capital and to encourage Alabama –based companies to refurbish and upgrade existing operations.
    • Continuation and Enhancement of the Grow Alabama Credit that assists with development of local building sites to attract business and industry.
    • Research and Development income tax credit that parallels the federal R & D credit, with an extra incentive of a qualified institution performing the research that will result in job and industry growth.
    • Streamlining sales tax collections by allowing state and local governments to require the larger online vendors to collect sales tax from their customers in Alabama and remit the tax to the Alabama Department of Revenue (ADOR) as the agent for both state and local governments.
    • Initiatives to enhance Montgomery’s tourism industry and historical significance

    Small Business

    • Initiatives that assist cyber and technology growth, small and minority business development


    • Initiatives that grow the military and defense missions within the River Region
    • Initiatives that provide educational, employment and business opportunities for military families

    Education/Workforce Development

    • Workforce development efforts that align state workforce initiatives through the coordination of the regional workforce councils and provide adequate resources for the councils to respond to the workforce needs of industry.
    • The implementation of a State Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) to match data to measure the performance of the state’s education and workforce system and provides information that may be used for improvement.
    • Increased funding to Expand Career Coach Program that provides for the hiring of additional career coaches; a minimum of one career coach in each public high school; additional coaches for schools in high need areas.
    • Funding to increase the number of quality Pre-K classes  
    • The expansion of the Youth Apprenticeship Program to provide opportunities for students by exposing and engaging them in environments of potential careers without exposing industry to potential litigation.
    • A set of academic college and career ready standards in math and English in schools where students need to learn to close the skills gaps between what employers need vs. the skills that employees have.
    • Continued funding for statewide STEM Education Outreach program that works with students and teachers in the fields of chemistry, engineering and environmental sciences to increase interest and learning.

  • Who You Know

    Laws and regulations affect your business, so you should make it your business to know who represents you in the Alabama Legislature and in Congress. Meet Montgomery’s delegation.


  • Senator
    Richard Shelby (R)

  • Senator
    Tommy Tuberville (R)

  • Congressman
    Barry Moore (R)

  • Congressman
    Mike Rogers (R)

  • Congresswoman
    Terri Sewell (D)

  • Alabama Legislature

  • Will Barfoot (R)
    Senator, District 25

  • Reed Ingram (R)
    Representative, District 75

  • Kirk Hatcher (D)
    Representative, District 78

  • Kelvin Lawrence (D)
    Representative, District 69

  • Thad McClammy (D)
    Representative, District 76

  • Chris Sells (R)
    Representative, District 90

  • Charlotte Meadows (R)
    Representative, District 74

  • Tashina Morris (D)
    Representative, District 77