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  • How do we use the capabilities we're developing here in Montgomery to conduct collaborations between the Department of Defense, the private sector, universities and businesses? Through a unique partnership of the City of Montgomery, Montgomery County, the State of Alabama, Maxwell/Gunter AFB, Air University and the Cyber College of the Air Force, regional and statewide universities, and the RSA Data Center, Montgomery is the only non-Tier-One city with an Internet Exchange, partnered with industry-leading content delivery giant Akamai. Known as MGMix, the exchange is critical infrastructure that will foster economic development, research and innovation.

    TechMGM is a partnership between the Chamber, the Alabama Community College System (ACCS) and local IT industry community to find ways to provide opportunities for IT professionals to further develop their skills and qualifications in order to allow local contractors to source their talent locally. The program is intended to help boost the IT workforce pipeline in Montgomery, where numerous Department of Defense (DOD) contractors provide highly technical services to Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base’s defense programs.

    Building a qualified tech workforce is a primary focus of the plan put into action by the city, county, the Chamber and their partners. The program works to complement our education system by offering additional certification courses and also offering continuing education within our  universities as well as with alternative methods. It helps companies fill their IT needs, but also helps workers advance in their careers, and helps its students who are currently looking for a job gain the skills and certifications they need to compete.