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  • With 90 percent of its personnel coming to study at Maxwell AFB’s Air University (AU) at some point, AU is clearly the center of education for our nation’s Air Force. It now has a new tool to train our current and future air-men: the Cyber College. In planning stages since 2014, and just becoming “official” this past June, the Cyber College is moving the Air Force from the industrial age to the information age and equipping its students with the operational knowledge and strategic insights to fight potential cyber attacks.

    But the Cyber College isn’t only playing defense. The topics and ideas being studied there relate to and can aid in the use of more technology for “smart cities,” things Montgomery officials and Chamber leaders are pushing for like smart city vehicles, optimized trash collection and more. The city and county are also able to take advantage of relationships the Cyber College has formed with major tech players like AT&T, HP, Microsoft and Verizon. Simply the existence of the Cyber College in Montgomery is a positive; its presence here contributes to the goal of being known as a “tech-hub,” and its courses will bring external and internal expertise to Maxwell-Gunter.