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  • Senator Shelby Announces Fy22 Support of Alabama Port Authority’s Inland Intermodal Transfer Facility in Montgomery, Ala

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    MONTGOMERY, Ala., March 15, 2022 – In early 2022, the Alabama State Port Authority approved a land deal in Montgomery County to construct an inland container intermodal transfer facility (ICTF). The first step, in a multi-step process allows for intermodal rail service from the Port Authority’s container intermodal terminal at the Port of Mobile in support of Montgomery regional growth in manufacturing, retail, distribution, and agribusiness sectors. Once complete the project will generate 2,618 direct and indirect jobs, $340 million in business revenues and over $14.2 million in state and local taxes.
    As a next step, U.S. Senator Richard Shelby (R-Ala.), vice chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee and its subcommittee on defense, voted to pass a comprehensive appropriations package containing all 12 fiscal year 2022 spending bills.  We are grateful as he led the effort providing significant funding for investments at the Alabama State Port and the Montgomery ICTF. The legislation was passed by both the Senate and the House last week and was signed by the President.
    In his announcement, Senator Shelby said, “Throughout every appropriations process, I have worked diligently to create the conditions for growth and success throughout the state of Alabama. This funding will improve upon existing infrastructure to transform our coast and the entire state.”
    “We are so grateful for Senator Shelby’s unwavering support for the Alabama State Port Authority and its inland container intermodal transfer facility in Montgomery. This was the next big step needed for this great economic development project for the Capital City,” said Chamber of Commerce Chairman Cedric Campbell. “Since we are centrally located in the Southeastern US, Montgomery is an ideal logistics hub due to its proximity to the Port of Mobile and direct railway and interstate access with I-65 and I-85 running through the region. We look forward to working with our partners at the Alabama State Port Authority, CSX, and others on the continuing components of this transformational project. This would not be possible without Senator Shelby’s leadership and vision for our state.”
    “We are proud to have Montgomery at the center of a truly transformative project that will change the trajectory of not only our state, but the Southeast region, and especially grateful to Senator Shelby for his leadership and vision to help us with this next step of the project,” said Mayor Steven L. Reed. “This multi-million-dollar gateway development project for Montgomery by the Alabama State Port Authority, and now with Senator Shelby’s support, is a result of many years of work, planning and partnership with the Port, State of Alabama, Montgomery Chamber, CSX Transportation, and others.”
    The Montgomery ICTF extends the container intermodal assets at the seaport to public and private investments inside Alabama. When constructed, the intermodal container transfer facility will be serviced by CSX Transportation (CSXT) Intermodal. The project reestablishes regularly scheduled CSXT Intermodal rail service at the Port of Mobile and provides a foundation to expand intermodal services further inland to support CSXT customers.  John Driscoll, director and chief executive officer for the Port Authority noted, “this transformational project not only delivers transportation options to shippers in the River Region, it delivers the first in-state intermodal rail service.  The port is working to extend these services into the central and northern parts of the state and beyond.”
    The Port Authority is working with US Department of Transportation (USDOT) to implement federal project funding.  Once USDOT releases the funds, Phase I of the facility is estimated to take up to two years to construct. The project connects inland local shippers to the seaport’s intermodal container transfer facility at Mobile, which is located adjacent to the marine terminal and is accessible to five national Class 1 railroads.
    “Senator Shelby’s support of the Alabama State Port Authority’s major investment shows that Montgomery is on the map and an essential part of logistics solutions within the Southeast,” said Montgomery County Commission Chairman Elton Dean. “This new logistics hub will not only transform the needs of regional shippers, it will also serve our local partners who invest millions of dollars into the local economy.”
    Montgomery, Alabama USA fosters a business-friendly environment and understands that a healthy mix of large and small businesses constitutes the lifeblood of the city and region. A long history of trusted public-private partnership between the city, county, state, and local business leadership creates an inviting business ecosystem. Montgomery is built on a dynamic history rooted in revolution as the center of both the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement. On the forefront of cutting-edge development, Montgomery is attracting new businesses with its open internet exchange and opportunities for business growth, and new residents are coming for the city's work culture, transportation options and quality of life, including a revitalization of unique spaces in historic downtown with new attractions and diverse entertainment options. For more information, visit www.choosemontgomery.com
    Lara Wilson, Chief Officer, Communications & Engagement
    Montgomery Chamber 
    (334) 261-1104 
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