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  • Montgomery Chamber Receives STEM Grant to Expand Impact of TechMGM Initiative

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    Montgomery, February 21, 2024 – The Alabama STEM Council, in partnership with the Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM (TIES), recently released the chosen beneficiaries of the STEM Learning Ecosystem Planning Incentives (SLEPI). Among the initial recipients is Montgomery Chamber’s TechMGM, recognized as a leading technology and innovation hub in Alabama which is looking to grow and connect the I-85 region from Auburn to Tuskegee to Montgomery. Supported by Alabama legislature funding, this endeavor seeks to establish interconnected STEM Learning Ecosystems (SLEs) statewide. These ecosystems foster collaboration among businesses, K-12 schools, higher education institutions, government entities, out-of-school time providers, and philanthropic organizations. 

    This acknowledgment underscores TechMGM’s dedication to advancing STEM education and statewide cooperation. “TechMGM is committed to cultivating a competitive, highly skilled workforce, driving economic expansion, and enhancing the overall quality of life and place in the Montgomery and Central Alabama region,” said Anna Buckalew, Montgomery Chamber President & CEO. “TechMGM plays a pivotal role in amplifying major initiatives, including business and industrial recruitment, innovation, entrepreneurship, military mission advancement, community advocacy, education, workforce development, and talent attraction,” said Buckalew.

    Founded by the Chamber in 2018, TechMGM is a coalition of local industry, educational, and governmental bodies, collaborating to harness Montgomery’s distinctive technology assets while looking to grow and connect the I-85 region from Auburn to Tuskegee to Montgomery. “We work to optimize the community’s diverse technology talent pool and position the city as an emerging technology hub, thereby enhancing the workforce and stimulating regional economic growth,” said Charisse Stokes, Executive Director of TechMGM. Working on degree programs that feed into higher-paying and higher-skilled jobs, and spreading the word about the workforce and the tech infrastructure that exists here. It’s a movement built around embracing new technology to experiment, to improve life here, to stretch resources and do more – goals that have created a multitude of strategic partnerships across local government, business, schools, the military, and more,” said Charisse Stokes.

    The STEM Ecosystems initiative aims to enrich learning experiences and contribute to the prosperity of local economies. TechMGM's active involvement in the development of the I-85 regional STEM learning ecosystem will be instrumental in shaping Montgomery's path toward cultivating a competitive, highly skilled technical workforce.

    Please visit here for more information and to watch the Alabama STEM Council’s video.



    About TechMGM: TechMGM is Montgomery Chamber’s technology and innovation initiative, fostering growth, collaboration, and talent development in the region. Through partnerships with industry, education, and government, TechMGM accelerates the adoption of technology and promotes a vibrant tech ecosystem.

    About the Alabama STEM Council: The Alabama STEM Council, established by Governor Kay Ivey, drives STEM-related education, career awareness, and workforce development across the state. It collaborates with stakeholders to create opportunities for learners and strengthen Alabama’s position in the global STEM landscape.

    About TIES: The Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM (TIES) is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing STEM education through research, partnerships, and innovative programs.

    For further details on TechMGM's initiatives by the Montgomery Chamber, please visit techmgm.com and stay updated by following our social media channels.
    Charisse D. Stokes
    Executive Director, TechMGM
    Phone: 334.657.1883
    Email: cstokes@montgomerychamber.com

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