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    Pride of Place - Learn more about the people, places and events that make Montgomery a great place to live, work and play.

    A POSITIVE BUSINESS ATMOSPHERE IS AN INTEGRAL PART OF ANY COMMUNITY, BUT QUALITY OF LIFE IS EQUALLY IMPORTANT. That’s why the MBJ is setting aside this space in each issue to highlight the things that contribute to the capital city’s sense of place and purpose. We’ll introduce you to people making a positive difference, shine the light on interesting places you should check out, explore our area’s multi-faceted history and direct you to festivals and happenings that bring us all together to celebrate mgm.

    Watch this section in future issues to find bites about our blossoming culinary scene, profiles of up-and-coming movers and shakers, details on the events you don’t want to miss and more.

    Coming SOON - #lovemgm

    The mission of The Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce Convention and Visitor Bureau (MCVB) is to promote the city as a destination for both lei­sure travelers and business/corporate groups. But it also works hard to make Montgomery residents aware of all the cool things to see, do and savor. As part of its marketing plan, the MCVB will soon launch its new blog, #lovemgm, that covers many of the same topics you’ll find in this section in a fun, engaging way. Stay tuned for lovemgmal.com, set to launch in February.


    With the rise of social media, smart cities all over the South are utilizing hashtags to promote themselves, and Montgomery is no exception, using #mgm in several different ways. But with so many mgm tags, it can be hard to keep them straight. Here’s what a few of them mean.

    #mymgm: This tag is all encompassing. If you put up a post that has anything to do with Montgomery, use this tag. And search it to see what visitors are saying about their time with us.

    #eatmgm: This one is pretty self-explana­tory. Use it to tag a post whenever you’re enjoying a meal out in the city, and search it to find eateries and food-focused events that others are dishing about.

    #connectmgm: Young professionals and creatives come together in a Facebook group called ConnectMGM, a spot where they share positive Montgomery news, ask for feedback on innovative ideas and motivate their peers to get involved and plugged into local projects and initia­tives. Search this tag to get a sense of what the next generation has in store for the capital city.

    #dbamgm: The Downtown Business Association uses this tag. Search it to quickly find the latest news on development downtown.

    And here are a few more you’re likely to see in your social feeds:

    #flymgm / #mgmgoodnews  / #mgmchambermembersrock /  #biztalkmgm / #innovatemgm / #mgmdiversity / #creativemgm / #mgmchamber / #hackmgm / #revolutionmgm

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