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  • Member Profile: MeKeisha Thomas, Inaugural Accounting Group

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    Founder and Principal Accountant of Inaugural Accounting Group, MeKeisha Thomas does more than handle bookkeeping and taxes for her small business clients; she teaches them how to better understand the role accounting concepts play in their growth and success.

    Are you from Montgomery? No, I am originally from Selma. I came to Montgomery because I wanted to be close to my parents, while getting away some and not being in the same city.

    What first got you interested in studying accounting and pursuing it as a career? When I started working for the Alabama Department of Revenue in 2003, in order to pursue a promotion, I had to further my education.

    When and why did you start Inaugural Accounting Group? I started it in July 2016, and I did it because I wanted to help small business owners learn how to run their businesses proficiently and not be intimidated by an IRS audit.

    What are Inaugural Accounting Group’s primary services? Bookkeeping and taxation.

    Who are Inaugural Accounting Group’s primary clients? Small business owners

    What sets Inaugural Accounting apart from other accounting firms? First, we are affordable. And secondly, we train the small business owner to understand their businesses just like they were the accountant to help them succeed.

    What one piece of advice about accounting would you give a small business owner? QuickBooks is not simple. The commercials make it seem so easy, but there is more depth and complexity to it than what you see.

    What’s your favorite thing about your job? Helping small business owners understand their books and use that information to thrive.

    Visit inauguralaccountinggroup.com
    Putting Pro in Profession Everyone at Inaugural Accounting has received Advanced Certification for QuickBooks Online and Desktop, and MeKeisha is currently studying to become a United States Tax Court Practitioner.
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