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    Marcia Woodard, Director of The Montgomery Zoo, has been an integral part of multiple milestones and accomplishments. But she’s not done yet.
    How long have you been with The Montgomery Zoo?
    I began in 1994 as the Marketing and Public Relations Manager. In 1998, I was promoted to Assistant Zoo Director, Administration, then to Deputy Zoo Director in 2001 and named Director in 2018.
    What does your job entail?
    I am responsible for the supervision and management of the zoo including all animal-care operations, exhibit facilities management, marketing and public relations management, visitor services management and administrative management. I spearhead the long-range plans for exhibit design and funding and prepare, monitor and administer a multi-million dollar budget.
    What’s something interesting about the zoo that Montgomerians may not know?
    Many people are surprised to learn that we trade animals with many other zoological facilities. We keep detailed records through an animal management program. Also, many animal species have a coordinator assigned to them that makes recommendations for breeding based upon the animal’s genetic make-up.
    Any recent milestones?
    The Montgomery Zoo continues to be in the Top 10 attractions for the State of Alabama. In 2017, we were No. 8 on the list.
    What are your interests outside of work?
    I love spending time with my family, especially my 1-year old grandson. I also enjoy traveling to fun and relaxing places and volunteering with my church.
    What’s an accomplishment you’re proud of?
    The zoo is a Department of the City of Montgomery, and we use our earned revenues to offset our operating budget. When I first got involved administering the zoo’s budget, the zoo was earning 30 percent of its budget. By adding attractions and being diligent, the zoo now earns 70 percent of its budget, and the City provides 30 percent.
    Coming Soon:
    With the successful completion of the campaign to build Stingray Bay, Woodard and her team recently began raising funds for a new Reptile Exhibit at the zoo.
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