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  • Member Profile - Lauren Goldasich

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    As owner and operator of both the Montgomery and Auburn Orangetheory Fitness studios, Lauren Goldasich is committed to building a team that’s equally dedicated to changing the lives of OTF members, folks who consider themselves the OTF “fit fam.”
    What got you interested in fitness?
    I started in the fitness industry 12 years ago as a group fitness instructor. I quickly realized my purpose in life was to help others become the best versions of themselves through health and fitness. In 2009, I left my full time career as a teacher and pursued the goal of owning my own studio.
    What sets OTF apart from other workout systems or other gyms?
    Our studio is welcoming, efficient, friendly, clean, motivating and fun. At OTF, you will experience a one-hour, full-body workout that focuses on training your endurance, strength and power. We utilize five-zone heart-rate-based interval training that is proven to burn more calories post workout, and each workout is led by a professional fitness coach to prevent you from over or under training. If you show up and put in the work, your results are guaranteed.
    Any recent milestones or awards for OTF?
    OTF Montgomery member Ben Brown was chosen out of 100,000 members as the 2017 International Orange Ambassador. Ben has not only changed physically, losing more than 150 pounds, but he has changed mentally and emotionally because of this program.
    What is your business philosophy?
    Make your passion your business, and you’ll never work a day in your life. And surround yourself with a talented team of individuals who want to accomplish something greater together than they could on their own.
    What’s your favorite thing about your job?
    The feeling I get when I help develop leaders on our team. These leaders are the reason Montgomery OTF members have and will continue to experience so many breakthroughs in their health and fitness journey. I am proud of every life that has been changed because of our two OTF locations. To know these stories is to know I am fulfilling my God-given purpose in life.
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