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  • Innovation to Improve Workplace Health

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    A non-contact kiosk offers screening efficiency in a cloud-based environment

    For fans of the classic television show “Star Trek,” there is a famous quote associated with the show: “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” Some of those needs in today’s climate include addressing the demands of improving health and safety procedures within the workforce, while screening employees for any potential illnesses.
    With the unforeseen impact of COVID-19, that phrase can be considered extremely applicable in 2020, with many organizations across the globe doing their part to combat this pandemic. At Certified Technical Experts, Inc. (CTE), our efforts to combat COVID-19 have led to what may possibly become a forward-thinking technique in improving workplace health.
    Called WeScan, it is the latest proprietary software that has been developed and implemented under CTE’s Attendance Software portfolio, which has supported previous Air Force-affiliated events. WeScan is a non-contact temperature screening kiosk featuring infrared thermal imaging and rapid temperature detection that helps to identify symptoms of contagious illnesses, such as the coronavirus.
    Early development of WeScan at CTE can be traced back to 2014 with the implementation of its core features. However, with the rise of COVID-19, WeScan has been ready for use, tracing back to March of this year.

    With any new technological advancement, there are challenges and WeScan was no exception. To address this, CTE conducted multiple tests over a sustained period of time to ensure that the device and its software operated at maximum efficiency within a secured cloud-based environment.
    Although WeScan was developed to be a non-contact operational kiosk, it does provide the capability for authorized personnel to customize the temperature threshold for employee screening, while also implementing the usage of fingerprint inputs for employees to gain building access. All data obtained will be stored on a secured database within a cloud server.
    Since it is proprietary software, CTE will provide all technical support, updates and upgrades to WeScan for up to five years, with extended software support and updates to be reviewed on a case-by- case basis. Additionally, WeScan will be available for both commercial and military/ government organizations, with no required minimum number of kiosks.
    For CTE and other organizations contributing to the fight against COVID-19, providing a safe and healthy workplace with a peace of mind to employees, and especially the general public, is the ultimate priority during this time of uncertainty. We
    hope WeScan plays its part in not only being innovative, but also in helping eradicate COVID-19.
    Learn more at wescannow.com.
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