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  • Industry Leader - Davis & Copeland Realtors

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    Founded: 1987


    We employ an office manager, and our agency has eight sales agents, all working as independent contractors, per broker/owner, Bill Davis.

    Primary Products and Services:  

    Our agents are all licensed through the Alabama Real Estate Commission to act as agents for the buying and selling of any type of real property in Alabama. Most of our agents specialize in residential sales, but we sell a range of property types, including commercial, rural and land. 

    What Sets Us Apart: 

    All of our agents are well trained, with a vast range of experience in the business. We have one agent with 41 years experience, one with 39 years, most with 10 years or more, and our newest agent is also our social media specialist with extensive experience in utilizing the various social media outlets to enhance our online presence and help our customers and clients. As a relatively small group, we take pride in our dedication to working together to help each other take care of all of our customers and clients, while continuing to develop our expertise in an ever-changing industry, both as a company and as individual agents. 

    Milestones and Accomplishments: 

    Broker/owner Bill Davis is Member Emeritus of National Association of Realtors with 40 years or more in the business. The company has been a member of Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce for 31 years. Davis & Copeland is consistently at or near the top in sales volume annually for boutique real estate firms in the tri-county area.

    2815-A Zelda Road, Montgomery, AL

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