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    When was your company founded? In 2010, in Stockbridge, Georgia. The company was relocated from Stockbridge to Montgomery in 2016, where I was born and raised. 
    How many employees do you have in the River Region? There are two administrative employees here, and the company has technology consultants living and servicing our clients throughout the United States.
    What are your primary products and services? CD&A Consulting Services Inc. provides implementation and process redesign consulting services to help organizations realize tangible value from their IT-enabled initiatives. We have strong roots in process redesign, allowing us to help clients achieve meaningful improvement by enabling the right process with the right technology.
    What sets your company apart? We are a small consulting firm with large corporation industry experience and software business partners with proven solutions for multiple industries.  We have packaged our industry knowledge and business enterprise solutions into a corporate strategic vision to
    transform businesses with CloudSuite Technology and Artificial Intelligence on a platform with flexibility for future success.
    Milestones & Awards: CD&A is committed to service in the community, providing backpacks with teacher and student school supplies. The company’s CEO and Managing Director, Wanda Lewis Jones, considers it a milestone to have traveled abroad to Europe and the Caribbean and to have been a part of missionary efforts for the Church of Christ in the Federated States of Micronesia. Her international travels have broadened her vision for the company in a global way, and her professional industry experiences, as well as personal travel experiences, will be an asset to the company’s future expansion.
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