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  • Industry Leader - Bell & Corwin Inc Realtors

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    Founded: 1981

    Employees: 9

    Primary Products and Services: 

    Real estate sales

    What Sets Us Apart: 

    Through our decades of real estate work in this market, we have earned a reputation for being completely honest and reputable. We also have a vast knowledge of real estate condition, pricing and value, and we consistently sell our listings quickly and at a high per-foot price.

    Milestones and Accomplishments: 

    We have been in business for almost 40 years. Thanks to this longevity, our firm and its agents know a lot about the market and are well versed in negotiating and helping both buyers and sellers navigate the real estate process. We have been at the forefront of marketing the finest developments in Montgomery, including Vaughn Meadows, Rosemary and Lockwood. Bell & Corwin Realtors are appreciated by those who value excellence.  

    1713 Graham Street, Montgomery, AL 

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