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  • Industry Leader - Anderson, Williams & Farrow, LLC

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    When was your firm founded? 1997
    How many employees do you have in the River Region? 28
    What are your primary services? Law practice
    What sets your firm apart? As the provider law firm for LegalShield ™ in Alabama and Mississippi, our attorneys are equipped with the technology and training to focus on what matters most in providing legal services with a concern for the client experience in the process. Many clients are fearful and apprehensive in dealing with lawyers and the law. We try to be mindful of this reality.
    Milestones & Awards:
    The firm was named in U.S. News & World Report Best Law Firms 2021.
    Practice Areas
    • Personal Injury
    • Worker's Compensation
    • Family law and divorce
    • Bankruptcy
    • Probate and estate administration
    • Criminal defense
    • General litigation
    • Small-business related needs
    • Dispute resolution
    7515 Halcyon Pointe Drive
    Montgomery, AL 36117
    334-272-9880 / awf.law
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