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  • Falling Forward: Mentoring Program

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    Educating yourself on the journey you choose to take is always important. Whether you choose college, military, or to become self-employed, education will always be the first step.

    Eugene Tinker’s Falling Forward Mentoring Program has been designed to provide valuable assistance, experience, and guidance as it relates to overall business development of the proteges that participate in the program.

    The Falling Forward Mentorship Program is an educational-based program that not only helps established businesses, but also up and coming businesses, propel to the next level by achieving the necessary steps to help you succeed in life. The program is dedicated to ensuring personal and professional growth particularly in the areas of service and leadership. It allows you to gain the knowledge and understanding needed to overcome obstacles.

    Falling Forward focuses on mentorship. Mentors play a very pivotal role in the development and success of each individual being assisted. Having a mentor that understands your vision and mission is very essential. Mentorship helps you to understand the importance of persistence, learning to think outside of the box; also understanding that business begins and ends with strategy.

    Throughout this program, you learn the importance of designing and implementing foundationally strong strategic plans. You grow professionally and personally as you learn the art of networking.

    One of Mr. Tinker’s favorite quotes, “It’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be significant.”

    Many that have come through the program have not taken this quote lightly. They have taken it to heart and made it their mission as well.

    Mr. Tinker understands the role of mentorship and success, what it takes to get to the next level. With more than 15 years of business expertise under his belt and a plethora of successful businesses, Mr. Tinker is more than equipped to catapult your business to the next level.
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