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    Did you hear the news?
    Men’s Journal recognized Montgomery as the No. 1 place to travel in 2022. When you’ve lived somewhere for years, it can be easy to take for granted all its unique attributes. But Montgomery offers visitors several experiences they cannot find anywhere else. Our region was the cradle of the Civil Rights Movement; our downtown has seen several years’ worth of new investments; and renewed interest has been shown in Montgomery for reasons ranging from ABC’s “The Wonder Years” to world-class assets including the Legacy Museum and the National Memorial for Peace and Justice.
    Born from the vision of Equal Justice Initiative Founder and Executive Director Bryan Stevenson, the Legacy Museum and National Memorial draw people from across the globe to understand society’s past and help people find an equitable, united and just way forward. Stevenson has been instrumental in bringing people here to explore the history of slavery, injustice and racial reconciliation.
    Stevenson is also a pioneer in promoting positive change by exposing where inequities still exist and working  to bring effective solutions—from supporting legal representation to challenging economic injustice.
    Recently, the Alabama Humanities Alliance recognized Stevenson and the late Congressman John Lewis as Humanities Fellows, honoring their work for equality. Regions Bank was a proud sponsor of the event celebrating their legacies.
    At Regions Bank, we believe in creating more inclusive prosperity and removing barriers to success. This is more than a goal; it’s a commitment that is at the core of our mission.
    As a financial institution, we believe in leveraging our resources and experiences in ways that uplift more people and help empower them to thrive.
    Montgomery has a unique and pivotal place in history, and we recognize the pain of the past while creating the promise of the future. Visitors come to learn about events that shaped who we are as a nation. And they also experience an area that is growing, healing and making life better. We know more work is left to do, but our commitment to progress remains strong.
    Businesses play a key role, not only in supporting progress but also in ensuring our workplaces are inclusive and representative of the people we serve. At Regions, we have made great strides in advancing our focus on diversity, equity and inclusion. We have fostered meaningful conversations about culture and heritage, and we regularly bring colleagues together in an intentional manner—across the company—to learn about our differences, find our common bonds and accelerate our dialogue for unity and strength.
    We are proud to have more people visiting Montgomery, and I know we stand united in welcoming visitors. Let’s make sure when people visit Montgomery in 2022, they see a place that pays tribute to those who’ve fought for equality – while also removing barriers for more people to succeed in the present and the future.
    Robert Birmingham is the Montgomery Market Executive for Regions Bank. You can contact him at robert.birmingham@regions.com.
    Regions Bank, member FDIC
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