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    Ladies in the Lead

    We asked The chamber’s female ambassadors to weigh in on what it means to be a “woman in business” and to share a bit about the ladies who’ve made a positive mark on their lives.

    Q: What’s the No. 1 challenge you’ve faced as a woman in business? How have you overcome it?

    ♦ Mia Mothershed, Marketing and Public Relations Director, Jackson Hospital
    The most challenging obstacle I have faced has been “the old way of thinking.” The idea that forward movement should stop because it has never been done before or never been done by a woman hinders progress.

    How have you overcome it? By being a leader that is always learning and open to new ideas.

    ♦ Christina Bennett, Business Development Manager, exploreMedia
    At this current stage in my life, I am trying to grow my family while also growing my career. As a woman in sales, I have no choice but to slow down in my work while I take maternity leave or when I have a sick child, etc.

    How have you overcome it? By having a boss and coworkers who encourage and support me and offer to help where they can. I overcome it by making sure I utilize my time wisely and by having the mindset that I am doing the best I can for both my family and my career.

    ♦ Melanie Hogan, News Director, WVAS FM 90.7
    Creating communities of forward-moving women.

    How have you overcome it? Pushing to meet and connect with more women.

    ♦ Nia Pagniacci, Assistant Director of Operations, Valiant Cross Academy
    Being younger than my peers.

    How have you overcome it? I let my job performance speak to show that age and generational differences don’t define your capabilities.


    Q: What’s your No. 1 piece of advice?

    ♦ Heather Phillips, Branch Manager II, AVP, Trustmark National Bank
    If your plan doesn’t work, change your plan, not the goal.

    ♦ Brenda Dennis, Vice President of Resource Development, River Region United Way
    The old saying that “You won’t look back on your life and wish you worked more” rings true.

    Time with family and friends, as well as personal, alone time just to recharge your own batteries, is going to make you a more happy, balanced and productive individual.

    ♦ Tasha M. Scott, Owner, Maximized Growth, LLC
    Never EVER compare your Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 10.

    ♦ Nicole D Johnson, Broker/ Owner, buysellrent Real Estate
    Form an LLC or incorporate. You want to ensure that your personal assets are kept separate from your business ventures, for liability purposes.

    ♦ Courtney Lowry, Addison Park Apartments
    Never ever give up on something you are truly passionate about. Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do!


    Q: What other woman has most inspired or influenced you?

    ♦ Katelyn G. Nelson, AAMS®, Financial Planner, Raymond James & Associates
    My mother has been a positive light during every change and challenge in my life. I hope to always reflect that same energy to those around me.

    ♦ Lisa Perkins Jackson, CEO/Owner, Titanium Music Productions Group Inc.
    Oprah Winfrey. She’s the perfect example that I can do anything that I put my mind to as long as I am willing to put in the work.

    ♦ Ronda Cherry-Smoke, Manager, Alabama Power Company
    There are many women by whom I am inspired, but my biggest influence has come from my mother, Dr. Shirley Cherry. I could write an entire book of lessons she has taught me, but my favorite is that everyone has the ability to brighten the room, some by walking in, and some by walking out. So, make people glad to see you coming, and sad to see you go.

    ♦ Briggette S. Wagner, REALTOR, Chosen Realty, LLC, Commercial and Residential Real Estate Sales
    Esther from the Bible. She was born from humble beginnings but was born for such a time as this.

    ♦ Sandy Boutwell, Marketing Consultant/Sales, Troy Cablevision, Inc.
    My former boss and now co-worker, Deedie Carter. We have worked together for 30 years. She has mentored me, trained me, challenges me to be better, work harder and to know when to say “no” to taking on too many outside projects.

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    2020 River Region Women In Business



    As a professional woman in business, Spencer’s goal is to help clients venture beyond their current level to reach new heights personally and professionally. She has seen tremendous growth in Venture’s Coaching and Training services for business leaders and motivational speaking for organizations. Business leaders are capitalizing on Venture’s coaching process for their professional and organizational growth. Venture Life Coaching is also passionate about empowering businesswomen to excel professionally through its coaching and training opportunities.

    Janeese Spencer, CEO and Founder, Executive Director/John Maxwell Team
    850-377-9586  |  venturelifecoaching.net



    The Montgomery Chapter of NAWIC has been in the River Region for more than 40 years. NAWIC offers its members education, support and networking to help advance their careers in construction, build their technical skills and become leaders. All women working in construction are eligible for membership, including women in the trades, project management, marketing, administration and executive leadership. Women in related industries who work in construction-related businesses, such as finance, legal and other complementary industries, are welcome as well. Come build with us!

    Becky Harris, Current President
    Find us on Facebook @NAWICMontgomery267



    Women represent nearly 70 percent of the workforce at New Waters Realty, a woman-led brokerage. The diverse age range of our team members means that each woman brings their own set of skills to the table, which helps us better serve our customers and provide a wider range of services. Our team is a family and focuses on open and helpful dialogue. In turn, this helps us to be productive and supportive of the company’s and individual team member’s success. With five male employees also on staff, we have found that the co-existence of both leads to increased productivity and innovation. We think women are successful in real estate because they are problem solvers, excellent listeners, detail oriented and task focused while still maintaining the personal touches that are necessary during a real estate transaction.


    Jennifer Akridge – REALTOR®
    Jennifer Atkins – Broker and Vice President
    Emily Blossom - REALTOR®
    Kelly Carlton - REALTOR®
    Kim Ivey – Property Administrator
    Jessica Powell – Marketing Director and REALTOR®
    Rachael Quinn - Accountant
    Laura Walter - REALTOR®
    Josie Russell Young – REALTOR®
    Barbara Rosser - REALTOR®
    Lynn McKinley - REALTOR®

    334-272-3200  |  NewWatersRealty.com



    exploreMedia has experienced tremendous growth over the last seven years because of the efforts of these talented and hardworking women. We currently manage seven publications, with three launched just last year. A commitment to excellence while balancing the needs of the reader, advertisers and staff has been vital to our success. We value the unique gifts and perspective that each of these women bring to exploreMedia.

    Pam Mashburn, Publisher
    Heather Cooper, Art Director
    Christina Bennett, MBJ Manager
    Angie Jordin, KtC Business Manager
    Kinsey de Torres, Managing Editor
    Shelby Shubird, Graphic Designer and Digital Manager
    Amber Estes, Office and Distribution Manager
    Taylor Smith, Communications and Marketing Intern
    Jan Burdette, Warm Welcome Lead Greeter


    • Heather Cooper has launched four magazines and serves as the integrator of our Leadership Team.
    • Christina Bennett has increased product offerings and revenue for the MBJ and the newly launched digital display advertising.
    • Angie Jordin leads our newcomer outreach in seven cities in Central Alabama.
    • Shelby Shubird has photographed more than 100 teen spotlights and launched our targeted social media solutions.
    • Kinsey de Torres is the managing editor for several publications including the national Potential magazine.
    • Amber Estes is the go-to person in the office for managing all things financial.
    • Jan Burdette has visited more than 1,400 new families since 2014.
    • Taylor Smith is an intern and soon-to-be Troy graduate.
    • Pam Mashburn started this business 14 years ago with a single publication. Under her leadership, exploreMedia has enjoyed robust growth and success.




    Jackson Hospital believes that a variety of perspectives, backgrounds and experiences contribute to its success and help provide better care to its patients. The hospital believes in investing in staff who are invested in the care of our community. That’s why Jackson Hospital strives to provide a positive environment for its team members to be the best at what they do. That is who Jackson is, and it’s what it strives for every single day. Under diverse leadership, Jackson Hospital has earned five Centers of Excellence in AAA Surgery, Spine Surgery, Stroke, Heart Attack and Bariatric Surgery. It has also earned the Blue Cross Blue Shield Distinction + Award for Maternity Care, Knee/Hip Replacement, Spine Surgery and Bariatric Surgery. These highly awarded specialty departments are led by the diverse women in leadership at Jackson Hospital.


    Cherrisse Colvin, Food and Nutrition Director; Candice Phillips, 4 East/4 West, PICC Director; Nisha Cheesman, 3 North Director; Anna Applin, 4 North Director; Anita Hayslip, Patient Access Director; Regan Sullivan, Respiratory Care Director; Karen Baggett, Infection Control Director; Alisa Sides, Perioperative Services Director; Melissa Sias-Robinson, 5 Tower Director; Courtney Williams, Hospitalist Operations Manager; Candace Pierce, Professional Development Director; Anita Yeargan, CVICU Director; Kerry Allen, 3 East/3 West/Telemetry, Dialysis Director; Judy Moody, Laboratory Director; Denise Donohue, 6 East/6 West Director; Peg Keshock, Clinical Resource Management Director; Jan Hill, Chief Nursing Officer/Vice President of Patient Care Services; Hannah Chadee, Physician Relations Director; Edith James, Materials Management Director; Mia Mothershed, Marketing Director; Leontanette Perry-Houston, CDI Director; Pam Nix, ICU Director; Andrea Sanders, Health Information Management Director; Kelin Penney, Jackson Clinic Administrator; Janet Arant, Joint Commission Coordinator; Theresa Kallman, Patient Safety and Risk Management Director; Karen Holland, Quality and Regulatory Compliance Director; Angela Battle Dansby, Sleep Lab Director



    Heather manages our Montgomery Main Office, which inherently entails additional business development and lending beyond the scope of traditional branches. Sharon sells and administers cash management services for our corporate clients. Jewel coordinates training, professional development, budgeting and other related leadership aspects. Vicki oversees the management, administration and credit quality of our regional loan portfolio. As a result of the oversight and attention to detail of these women, we have seen unprecedented growth and ever-improved operations.


    Sharon Patterson, Corporate Treasury Services Manager, VP
    Vicki Griffin, Commercial Portfolio Manager, VP
    Jewel Wilkinson, Executive Administrator for the Regional President
    Heather Phillips, Main Office Branch Manager, AVP

    334-223-1500  |  trustmark.com

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