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Total Resource Campaign

Every Fall, the Montgomery Chamber conducts a "Total Resource Campaign" - referred to as the TRC. The Chamber relies on the revenue from this campaign to bring you diverse programs throughout the year. The Chamber-Member Volunteers work full-time for Member Organizations, and in support of the Chamber, the organizations allow the Volunteers to sell Chamber Sponsorships on company time.

Market your Organization with Chamber Products!

During the TRC, Chamber sponsorships are available for 2017. This is the only time many of these marketing opportunities are available. There are events, programs, discounted ads in the Montgomery Business Journal, e-marketing,and specialty items available now! This is the only time you can invest in many of the sponsorships and products. You can target your message to niche audiences - education, professional women, minority-owned businesses, small business owners/entrepreneurs, site selectors, convention attendees, tourists, elected officials, and top CEOs. Or, you can reach the entire Chamber Membership!

CLICK HERE FOR THE PRODUCT BOOK. Contact one of the TRC Volunteers to help you maximize your marketing investment!

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